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Andrew Downs is the author of The Alex Hollick F.B.I. Series, with books that bring a new and refreshing twist to the modern thriller genre. His writing is heavily inspired by books, films and American history. His influences include David Lynch, Stanley Kubrick, James Patterson, Stephen King, Steig Larsson and Anthony Burgess just to name a few.
The first three books of the Alex Hollick F.B.I. Series are available now, with two more coming in Summer and Fall 2013. Andrew makes an original mark, with an intense plot and strong characters. He discards the basic cat and mouse thriller template in favor of an elaborate series of intertwining events, that flow together seamlessly and keep the reader on edge!
Andrew holds a degree in Media Studies. A love of writing scripts in college and reading novels came together and so the Alex Hollick Series was born. Andrew lives in Southern Maine and enjoys reading, writing, watching films, drinking too much coffee and playing the guitar.


 "A gritty American tale that blends mystery, suspense and romance seamlessly into one nail biting, page turning journey, through the eyes of a troubled young FBI agent." In 1985, Alex Hollick takes an ill-fated walk on the dark side of the FBI. Amidst the anguish of a botched sting operation, Hollick learns of the internal corruption that helped shape the deadly event. He must now travel to Virginia, unknowingly as a suspect in the scandal, where he is kidnapped and tortured by three misfit CIA agents. Hollick faces an agonizing choice, to join a clandestine division, burrowed deep within the FBI, or to take his chances as a civilian, with a head full of secrets. Hollick's choice leads him to a dark underworld, where he must participate in a cover up, nearly as bloody as the scandal itself. As the troubled young agent attempts to transition into homicide investigations, with an emphasis on satanic crime, good and evil intentions threaten to expose the plot and destroy him in the process. His career and personal life collide, as Hollick is tormented, by a flurry of uncontrollable events, and forced to tread carefully, through a minefield of consequences, to protect himself and the woman he loves.

 After a year of seclusion from his demons, the violent death of a former colleague, forces Hollick to revisit his bloody past. He inherits a new set of challenges, willed to him by his mentor, John Novak, when he learns that he is the chief suspect, in a multi-jurisdictional investigation. Hollick hopes for a second chance with Fletcher, but a relationship she has developed in his absence, stands in the way. Instead, he develops a casual friendship, with a young woman from his drug recovery program, which leads to both progress and decline. At the order of his new employer, Hollick reluctantly agrees to frame a satanic coven for a church bombing, with help from another division member. The bombing unveils a dark secret in a Tennessee town, that leads Hollick to a cold case investigation and a new partner. Rotten Was The Harvest is the second installment in The Alex Hollick F.B.I. Series. This nail biting, page turning thriller, pits Hollick against pimps, drug dealers, Neo-Nazis and L.A.’s new bureau chief. Hollick must protect himself from a federal indictment, while protecting a small town from a dangerous threat.

 Hollick’s story pickups in 1989, two years after going into hiding. As Hollick begins to reflect on his past, while walking on shaky ground in his division, he is faced with life changing decisions. Director Clay is desperately trying to avoid the consequences of his past administrative decisions and a mutiny is developing within the division itself. A congressional hearing looms over Hollick and a new division must contend with old business. Both Fletcher and Sloan begin to find their place in life after dealing with their respective demons. Dr. Patricia Jones struggles to find a place in Hollick’s future. Shawn Stallard’s attempt to build his own future puts a grisly double murder case into Hollick’s hands.

Hollick and Sloan travel to Upstate New York to investigate a bizarre series of abductions, after the discovery of two victims with missing organs. As Empires Fall is the third installment in The Alex Hollick F.B.I. Series. This nail biting, page turning thriller, follows Hollick at a crossroads in his personal and professional life. Hollick struggles to retain his career, friendships and his life, as he desperately tries to find footing in an unstable division.

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