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A writer at heart, I've been putting words together for years now. I love to write about hot bad boy heroes and strong feisty women. Paranormal is my favorite but I can skip around to other Romantic genres without a problem!
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~Mina J. Moore

 Gia Solaris is a woman in control of both her career and her relationships. But there is something missing in her love life. She doesn't realize what it is until she finds herself in the arms of a lover who shows her how to embrace submission. In doing so, Gia finds the ultimate pleasure but will that be enough?

This book is for mature readers 18 and over.
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One night on the town changes my life...forever. I can't give any more detail because that would spoil both the highlights and the low points of my journey. Things are different now, in a way I never dreamed but I am alive, truly alive.
I've been around for a very long time, experienced change both for the good and bad. I am content but not fulfilled until she walks into my life and everything shifts. I learn the true meaning of love and the bonds that come with it. When threatened, I respond. My instincts demand I protect what is mine.

~A Vampire's Touch(Novelette) is a prequel to the world of The Red Velvet Trilogy. ~Velvet Dawn is a brief introduction to the world of The Red Velvet Trilogy. Free on Smashwords.
This book is for mature readers 18 and over
 Denise Milton is a professional and damn good at what she does but her faith is tested when she finds herself attracted to her gorgeous partner, Troy Mader. After an unfortunate incident, Denise realizes she is not the only one who craves his touch. Testing the limits of their feelings drives them into the clutches of a tortured mind. Do they let their relationship unfold or will just a taste lead them to Deadly Temptations?

Deadly Temptations is a Short Romantic read for mature readers 18 and over.

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