Interview with Milly Silver

Welcome to JBR! We are thrilled to have you on the site!

With the huge give away going on what item are you offering to our wonderful readers?

I'm really excited to offer your readers exclusive Milly Silver swag! Signed bookmarks, key chains, wristbands and notepads!

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I live in Cheshire in the North West of England with my family. I love dogs and have two Golden Retrievers called Abby and Anna. They sleep by my feet while I write at my kitchen table. I am passionate about storytelling, reading and writing. I also LOVE movies. You can’t beat watching a stunning movie on the big screen. Oh, and I love pink peonies. Surrounding yourself with beautiful things is one of life’s joys.

What genres do you like to write?

I enjoy writing in a variety of genres and pushing myself to the next level. My first series INTO THE DARK is a YA Paranormal Romance. I loved getting into Emily's story, and feeling what she felt as she fell in love with Henry.  I'm also writing a NA romantic comedy (see below), and I'll be writing a NA romance this year as well.

What is your newest release?

My new release for Sept 2013 is called HOTTER THAN HOT. It's a NA romantic comedy and is a fast, light, laugh out loud read. Completely different to the YA angst of INTO THE DARK!

What are you working on right now?

Once HOTTER THAN HOT is out, I'll focus on my next story which will be NA romance. Can't wait!

Any future projects you can hint about?

I'm really excited to write my NA romance, and I would also love to collaborate with some other hot romance authors. We'll see what opportunities pop up over the next year or so!

As a writer can you give an aspiring authors any advice or some of your wisdom??

Read, read and read some more. In genre, out of genre. Then work hard at learning the craft. It’s a continual learning curve, so be in it for the long haul. Then be brave. Find a supportive friend/writing buddy who will give you gentle but honest feedback. Be passionate about good story-telling.  And keep going! 
If you could meet one character from your books who would it be and why?

I would love to meet the sexy Hunter from my book HOTTER THAN HOT. He is just such an alpha male, and I'd be very happy spending the day with him! Lol.

Are there any other people or authors that have inspired you or helped you along the way?
I love the whole indie writer community. So many people have generously helped me along the way. I'm really grateful to my beta readers, street team, reviewers, readers, bloggers and author friends. They are amazing! And I massively appreciate all their wonderful support.

what is you fav activity besides writing?

I’m a real movie addict, so that’s what I love doing when I get some precious spare time.  I love Labyrinth. I love the music, the story and the characters. I also love The Matrix, The Notebook, Bridesmaids, The Thomas Crown Affair, any John Hughes movie, Woody Allen’s work…. I’ve loved watching The Life of Pi at the cinema. Great story. Beautifully made.  See? You got me started on movies!

Do you own any pets?

Yes, I have two lovely Golden Retrievers called Abby and Anna. They are great friends and sit by my feet while I tap away on my laptop. They are both old ladies now, so they creak a bit when they move! 
Fav place to travel?

I absolutely love Cornwall in South West England. Stunning beaches, fab scenery and I’m a big seafood fan. They have some great seafood restaurants.  I always feel very relaxed down there, and would love to live near Padstow, writing away, with a view of a golden-sand beach and blue sea. That’s my happy place!

Fav author you can recommend to our readers?(can have more than one)
Fav book (same question as above)
I love lots of different authors and books, depending on my mood! I enjoy J.A. Redmerski (LOVED The Edge of Never), Janet Evanovich, Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead was a book that made a big impression on me. I’ve enjoyed Iain Banks’ work, and Nicholas Sparks’ and Fiona Walker’s romance novels. I loved Sebastian Faulks’ Birdsong. There are too many to list! I’m pretty open to any new authors and books.

and finally where can we find you and your books (include links)

Amazon US http://www.amazon.com/author/millysilver
Amazon UK http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00A9159GU
Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/MillySilverUK
Milly's blog at http://millysilver.blogspot.co.uk/
Twitter at https://twitter.com/MsHappyUK
GoodReads at http://www.goodreads.com/MillySilver

Thanks for coming and visiting with us here on JBR!
Julie Ramsey


  1. I love your blog! Definitely following now, stay in touch xx


  2. great interview. I like learning a bit about the authors and finding out what might have influenced their writing :)



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