Review of Affliction (anita blake novel) by Laurell K Hamilton


Anita Blake, hunter, killer, lover, friend, no matter which role she is in she goes full force. As life continues for her and her men, Anita gets a phone call from someone unexpected. Micah, Anita's leopard king and lover,mother calls Anita. She begs her to bring Micah to his father. His father is very sick and she is afraid he is going to die. Micah, has not seen his family since he turned away from them, to protect them from a killer. Making arrangements to go to another area is a lot more work and vampire politics are now involved because of Jean-Claude and where the group is now as the Vampire king. Politics and power make life difficult. When they do get to the hospital where Micah's family is, not all the family is happy to see Micah, let alone the famous Anita Blake. As Micah reunites with family, they find out more about what is going on. A unheard of attack, a flesh eating zombie who spreads disease. Micah's father was one of the victims. Doctor's have given Micah's dad days to live. With some of the police force not wanting Anita to steal there case, find out not only what Anita is made of but why she has the reputation she has and why the monsters fears her. Can Anita find out and stop the threat to the town, Micah family, and everyone else, before it is too late?

Laurell K Hamilton doesn't disappoint. I am a huge follower of Anita Blake and love her and all her men. Micah and Nathanial are 2 of my favorites. A great mystery unfolds that Anita has to solve. It takes all Anita's know how and her fighting skill of her and the bodyguards to try to fight this new foe...or a foe she thinks is new. I loved the zombies (scared the crap out of me) and loved the dynamics between her and her men. I really want Anita to get pregnant or have a mommy type role. I think Nathaniel would be a great stay at home dad and I think it would be a great addition to Anita. I will admit it is not the best world for a kid but I think it would be a cool addition. The foe in this book was a little disappointing. I was hoping for a new foe  and to find out who it is was, was surprising but I was hoping for a new danger. The complications and the zombie attacks were absolutely fa nominal. Over all a great story, one any Anita Blake fan will love.  Be for warned if you have never read a Anita Book book you will not understand the dynamics of her and her men. They make sense if you know the stories but if you haven't read them I would suggest you start one of the greatest series ever.

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