Interview with Peter Brow

Welcome to JBR! 

We are thrilled to have you visiting today. 

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I live in North Vancouver so I get to write every time it rains. Many years ago, I graduated with a journalism degree and I wrote for the Vancouver Sun (our city's daily paper). For fun, I used to write jokes for my wife - a stand-up comedian. I have two boys who both love comedy. 

What genres do you like to write?

I enjoy comedy/romance...anything that deconstructs the little ironies and idiosyncrasies that reside within each of us. Add a first kiss to the mix and you've got some potent magic just waiting to happen.

What is your newest release?

Lovers, God, and Eggs Benny: A lonely hearts version of searching for love, driving along the curves and hairpin turns of life while questioning the road signs along the way. Oh, and there's something about an orgy in the library - but, it's tame. Trust me.

What are you working on right now?

Joel and Samantha and Paula - A Love Story: Take out the swooning, the long, slow melt towards consumation that entangles most readers. We start with the love-making and go downhill (or uphill) from there.

Any future projects you can hint about?

Well, I sure am excited about Joel and Samantha (and Paula too). They talk to me at night while I'm sleeping

As a writer can you give an aspiring authors any advice or some of your wisdom??

I start with a plan, I create my characters. But, the great thing about writing is when your characters morph and evolve on their own - they couldn't care less about your grand, master plan. So, I sit back. Watch them grow - and smile. As Mike Tyson says: "Anyone can make plans - until you get punched in the face." Yeah, it's kind of like that.

If you could meet one character from your books who would it be and why?

I'm kind of attached to the quirky persona of 'Tolstoy'. She's the wise and witty paramour that my main character, Simon, connects with on an online dating site. She's got balls.

Are there any other people or authors that have inspired you or helped you along the way?

The list keeps growing. So, I'll narrow it down to 100 for you. Then, I'll shorten it to two:
David Sedaris - who doesn't love his odd takes on life and family?
Nick Hornby - the King of Man-Lit (take THAT, Sophie Kinsella).

How about some fun stuff?

The mention of 'God' in my book's title might intimidate some readers. The topic is treated with lightness and humanity. Simon, the main character, writes letters to God in his quest for meaning. Hot tubs, dating, the concept of right and wrong are all tackled in a manner you wouldn't normally be taught in Sunday School. It's really a modern-day take on age-old questions. And, yes, there is humor.

what is you fav activity besides writing?

I'm not one of the bookish, sweater-wearing writers. I actually love sports (go figure). Squash, cycling, and golf are a few of my favourites.

Do you own any pets?

Yes, one very noisy budgie named 'Gandalf'.

Fav place to travel?

I adore Woody Allen's haunt - New York (in black & white OR color). It's got a beating heart all its own).

Fav author you can recommend to our readers?(can have more than one)

Nick Hornby's best novel has got to be 'High Fidelity' - a must for any man or woman grappling with love/life angst.

and finally where can we find you and your books (include links)

You can also read my blogs to get a sense of my style.

Thank you for coming to JBR. I enjoyed talking to you and we hope to see you again here on Julies Book Review.

Julie Ramsey

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