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DESTINY'S FATE ~ BOOK #1 ~ Dutiful Gods Series

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Destiny is blind unable to see outside his realm, he's bored, lonely and beginning to dread his
duties. Until he discovers an unconscious woman on his couch. He has no idea where she came
from or how she got there but he wants to keep her. What lengths is he willing to go to make that
happen? Is he willing to enter her world? With his mother determined to have her way, the
universe will become the story of what you see isn't always what you get.
Zandra wakes on a couch in the biggest library she has ever seen, she can't remember where she is,
how she got there or even her own name. She is easily distracted by Destiny, the man of her
Even Destiny is not immune to the manipulation of the Universe, who just happens to be his
mother. Will Destiny finally see his fate in the eyes of Zandra? With the energy sizzling between
the sheets, until reality reclaims Zandra.

Naughty Teazer (18+) Warning (18+)
His tongue penetrated her inner frills to slide from her core to her clit. He repeated the motion
several times each time thrusting his tongue inside her canal. "Please, I can't take it, it's too much. I
need to cum." She begged, her head rolling sideways back and forth, her hand sinking into his hair
to increase the pressure. Her hips lifted to meet his manipulations. She ached for him, more than
ever before in her life. He slid a thick finger into her hot wet pussy, as he circled his intentions
around her nub.
He wrapped his arm around her thigh to open her up with his forefinger and middle finger, the
hood sliding up exposing the sensitive nerves in her swollen bud. As he placed his mouth over her
most sensitive bit and used his tongue to gently suckle, he started to glide two fingers into her
inferno. Her back arched and her orgasm had her star struck, her eyes rolled back in her head, and
her entire body was pulsing in sync with the heart beat in her bud.

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TAMING DESTRUCTION ~ BOOK #2 ~ Dutiful Gods Series
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Destruction is the master of his realm, the creator of Natural Disasters from erupting volcano's to
raging tsunamis, shattering earthquakes and devastating hurricanes.
Megan is a woman who has already lost everything, her mother, her father and the man she loved,
the man she was supposed to spend her life with. Megan now stands to lose anything she has left,
her family home and her mothers craft shop. There is a cyclone, hovering off the coast, getting
closer and closer by the minute.
What will happen when Destruction meets Megan, will he destroy her too.
Can Megan see past Destruction's duty, to see the man behind the damage and ruin he causes. Will
Destruction let Megan close enough to see their is more to him than meets the eye. 'Taming
Destruction' is the second book in the 'Dutiful Gods Series'.

Naughty Teazer (18+) Warning (18+)
He moved down her stomach with kisses, he spread her legs wide around his shoulders. He wanted
to be sure she was ready for him to claim her as his.
He'd never done this before, but that didn't mean he wasn't eager to try and intoxicate her, with
pleasures he'd only dreamt about.
He opened her plump lips and lowered his tongue to swipe along her cleft. Her natural oils
exploding on his taste buds like ambrosia. He dove in deep, he didn't have time to worry about his

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Morpheus’s Dream ~ BOOK #3 ~ Dutiful Gods Series
Morpheus's Dream
Morpheus is the Lord of Dreams, he's bored and lonely. He knows that his brothers Destiny and
Destruction have found their happy ever after within the human realm. When he controls the
sleeping world, can he find the one female that stands out above all others in time to save your
Cheval is a part time Graphic Designer and part time Artist, who uses her dreams to inspire her
creativity. What happens when she finds the perfect man in her dreams, can a women get too much
sleep when it's in the arms of a tall, dark, stranger?

Naughty Teazer (18+) Warning (18+)
Her fingers itched to touch him, to circle his dick with her hand. It twitched, a bead of pre­cum seeped out of the
slit, she licked her lips. She felt her pussy ache to life, throbbing to know what he would feel like inside her, his
large girth stretching her walls. Her breathing became ragged, temptation to much, her hand snuck out, Chevi's
thumb brushed over the bead, collecting a sample. She lifted it to her lips, her tongue taking a taste, she

Now available from Smashwords Direct in various formats
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