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Familiar Taste of Seduction  Excerpt:
I grabbed her hand and began wrapping the rope around her arms.  She struggled and her fin hit my legs a few times, fury in her eyes.  “Now!”
The net landed over us, the edges sinking into the water, the free edges being cinched tight.  They pulled their catch and me aboard the ship.  Her mouth moved as the crew hoisted her up and over the rail, salty seawater dripping on to the ship.  When we were placed on the deck, they all stood around with astonishment in their eyes.
What fresh hell was this?
I bellowed for the first mate to bring the crew at hand.  He looked at me dumbfounded for a moment and then seemed to shake him clear.  When the net was removed, I took what rope I had left and covered it over her mouth to gag her.  I backed away from her as a bright light skimmed across her body lying on the deck with that magnificent tail of her hers.
“Stop!”  My bellowed command was met with credulity.
As everyone stood looking at the Siren, a most curious thing happened.  Her tail fluke began to change, not only its color from dark blue with iridescent silver that changed in the light as she moved, but began to disappear as well.  Soon our Siren catch lay in the net naked and conscious of it.  I stripped my coat off and as the last of the net came off her, I placed it around her shoulders.  The coat barely covered her.  If she moved the wrong way, everyone would notice the dark hair a the juncture of her thighs.  I tried to rein in my lustful thoughts.  As captain of the ship, I was not to think this way of the female passengers we occasionally had on board.  Most of the time this would not be a problem, but on this day, with a Siren none-the-less, all I wanted to do was sink myself into those dark curls.
The crew stood around the creature on the deck with the wool pea coat pulled around her.  She sat looking around at everyone.  The men seemed to be coming out of whatever spell she had cast upon them with her singing. 
I crouched down to be closer to her.  Looking into her topaz eyes, I found myself falling under her spell.  I may not be able to hear her but gazing into those eyes had a mesmerizing effect on me.  I blinked a few times to clear my head.  It was clear that this was going to be difficult.  As long as she was gagged my men were safe, but she didn’t look to like that much.  Something was going to have to be done with her.


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