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Three former college buddies that endlessly debated the existence of giants, or Nephilim, in biblical times are reunited for a mass murder investigation. They find that these slayings were not committed by men. The 'fallen ones' had come to claim the women who were worthy to bear their children, and once again, their offspring would bring terror to the Earth. Two Secret Societies had fought against each other for years. The Sodalitat had worked endlessly to prevent such a shattering event from taking place. The Camorra did everything in their power to bring upon the resurrection of the Nephilim, going as far as attempting to recreate the creatures in a lab using viable DNA from excavated bones. A young student gets caught in the crossfire when she is chosen. Women who are found unworthy are slaughtered. The government finds a gene marker that allows them to indicate if a citizen is a descendant of the Nephilim, and calls forth those with distinct characteristics to be tested. Pandemonium breaks loose across the world as citizens react to the news.


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Excerpt from Banesville: Book One - The Love of Lydia Monroe

            “I’m ready,” the elderly man said. “I’m all alone in this world now, with nothing but the pain of my old body We stood by the wall, as Warren slowly approached the bed of an elderly man, who was obviously in pain. The man’s twisted expression turned to what appeared to be relief when he saw Warren coming toward him.
            “It’s my time, isn’t it,” he asked in a whisper.
            “Yes, sir,” Warren said, taking his hand.
failing. I’m ready to see my wife, my children.”
            Warren smiled knowingly.
            The man relaxed into his bed, closing his eyes. Warren continued to hold the man’s hand with his right hand, as he took his left hand strummed it over the man’s chest. A small black mass started to rise. Warren pulled his hand farther away and the black plasma-like material continued to flow. As the last of it was in the air, Warren cupped his hand under it and ushered it into the satchel, pulling the strings tight and tucking it into the pocket of his black leather jacket.
            I stood in shock. Abner took my hand and squeezed.


Excerpt from Banesville: Book Two - The Initiation of Briar Reeves

Product DetailsAs I stepped into the hands of my fellow cheerleaders and was lifted swiftly into the air, my attention immediately focused on a man standing just to the right of the bleachers. His black trench coat was pulled tight around his neck, and he wore a black fedora pulled down near his eyes. He stared at the ground. I tried to continue with my squad, but gazed trance-like at the figure that I could barely make out.
         He turned his head towards me as if he could feel my eyes burning into him. His red pupils were aglow behind his long beard and bushy hair.
         I was swept from the air and cradled back onto my feet. I ran after the man as he turned to walk away. The other cheerleaders looked after me in confusion.
         "Where is she going now?" I heard one say with aggravation in her tone.
         I reached the area where the man had been standing and looked around. He was nowhere to be found. I searched the ground to look for clues.
         Hoof prints. Capricorn.
      Looked like the rumors were true. The small town of Banesville had drawn yet another set of immortals into its midst. The Zodiacs were here.

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The Reckoning of Rebecca Thorne is book three in the Banesville series. 
After a daring escape from the dark warlock, Rebecca Thorne is determined to foil his wicked plan of destruction. Joining forces with supernaturals of every type, she will risk her life and wage war against evil to save her hometown. Old and new friends unite to put an end a decade-long reign of terror.

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Dorothy Dawson loves to write, read and spend time with her family. She runs a small business with her husband and spends most of her time on her next novel. She graduated college with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications in 2001.

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