Forrest Carr

A Journal of the Crazy Year

A “zombie apocalypse” is possible only in the realm of Halloween movies and horror books, right?  

Because the vast majority of zombie stories involve tales of dead people somehow becoming reanimated, they fall into the realm of horror and the paranormal, not science fiction and certainly not mainstream fiction.  And there’s nothing wrong with that.

But what if a real-life medical phenomenon that produced similar results were possible? 
That’s the question author and journalist Forrest Carr set out to answer as he began his research for the story he wanted to tell.  To his surprise, he was able to find an historic disease that fit the bill.  The pandemic in question struck a century ago, and afflicted some of its victims with symptoms not greatly different from those typically attributed to “modern” zombies, up to and including insanity combined with hyperviolence.  Scientists were never able to determine the cause of the disease, its origin, or how it was transmitted.  And then, mysteriously, the pandemic simply dissolved away and disappeared without any human intervention whatsoever.

What if it were to return in much more virulent form?
That question forms the basis of the novel, A Journal of the Crazy Year.  John Cruz wakes up in a mental ward and discovers he’s been confined there for four years for a crime he does not remember.  But soon he learns an even more horrifying fact:  while he and other patients like him have been regaining their sanity, the rest of the world is slowly going insane around them.  Now John will have just one goal:  to save and protect the love of his life.  Along the way, John will face issues of a type that don’t normally confront the protagonists of traditional “zombie” tales.  Among them:  because the plague victims are not dead, shooting them out of hand is not legally or morally acceptable.  For another:  John ultimately will find that the future of the human race may hang on saving as many “zombies” as possible, thereby presenting him with a unique challenge.

With the mysterious Ebola disease now threatening to become a global pandemic, A Journal of the Crazy Year is as relevant as this morning’s headlines.  So are some of the events depicted in the novel, including episodes of inexplicable mass shootings and mysterious crashes of crowded jetliners (note that the novel was drafted before the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370).  
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