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Melissa Bell :
I am a reasonably new author from Brisbane, Australia. I am an avid reader turned writer. I like books
more than TV, don’t get me wrong I like movies, but the best movies happen in my head as I get lost
inside the pages of a good book. I use life as my inspiration for my work. Generally it’s all in my head
fighting to get out. I may see an everyday occurrence and it will trigger an idea. My partner will often
come home and tell me of a new work colleague’s and I will write it down to use on a character in one
of my novels. I love being an author and would highly recommend that if you have words trapped
inside your soul, you should let them out, even if it’s only to leave a review for a book you've read, start
a blog, or become an author.

‘Houston’ ~ Book #1~ ‘Five Brothers Series’


Houston and his brothers are looking for a fresh start, can they make a go of it with 'Five Brothers
Security' in Queensland, Australia. Houston an ex­federal agent meets Cameron a police detective
that has just transferred back into the area. The two join forces to work a difficult case. Is it
possible there could be more than meets the eye, Houston is tall, dark, handsome and cursed.
Cameron is a strong independent woman, she's had to fight hard to get her detectives shield in a
male dominated world. should she trust Houston to help her with the case that could make or break
her career.

Naughty Teazer ~ (18+)
Cameron's head was swimming with images of all the things she wanted to do to him. A little
voice in her head was telling her, she shouldn't be doing this. She needed to keep a line between
her personal and professional life, but she couldn't stop, now that she'd started. She wanted him so
badly, like a diabetic craving chocolate. God his kisses were intoxicatingly delicious. It warmed
her all the way to her pussy, it made her clit throb with a deep need to be teased, like his tongue
was doing to her mouth.
She moaned as she lost her inhibitions, without thinking she raised his shirt and tore her mouth
from his. His shirt was pulled over his head, and tossed to the floor, he lifted her from the chair
turned her to face the screens. He kissed her neck and nibbled her earlobe, as he found the button
of her jeans, he quickly unzipped and lowered them to her knees.
He freed his cock from its confined space behind the zipper. He kicked her feet apart as far as they
would go, restricted by her denim. He held himself at her tight wet entrance, before he then
plunged deep in one hard thrust.
Amazon Best Seller:

Now available from Smashwords Direct in various formats
Barnes and Noble ~ Nook
Goodreads for Review:  https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/22974366­houston

Connect with Melissa:
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/MelissaBellAuthor
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/Peekaboo2u2

‘Felan’ ~ Book #2~ ‘Five Brothers Series’


Felan is a shy, but handsome computer geek. What he can't do with a computer, simply cant be
done. When his brothers relocate to Queensland Australia from the USA to make a fresh start, he
decides to go with them. Give him computer forensics, program design, research (hacking), and
he's got it covered. But when he sees Elizabeth Crane celebrating with a group of friends, she
ignites an uncontrollable fire in his blood and he is left to figure out how he can use his skills to
track her down and make her his own.
Elizabeth Crane would give anything to avoid going out to celebrate a friends birthday. She's not
into the clubbing scene, but no­one would have foretold how one night out with the girls would
change her life.....forever.

Naughty Teazer (+18)
Felan warred with himself, to take control but his heart and soul couldn't take this away from her.
This was her acceptance of him, she wanted to use him to slay her demons then he would keep his
dominance leashed for her, just this once. His eyes rolled back in his head as his shaft slid in to the
hilt. “Fuck!” With his hands on her hips he steadied her. The nob of cock pulsed once, twice, his
balls tingled. Hell No! He was not going to shoot like a prepubescent teenager. He gulped air into
his lungs then forced himself to relax, her pussy gloved him as though she were made to measure,
warm and snug. If he wasn't going to last long then he was determined to take her over the edge
with him.

Amazon Best Seller:
Now available from Smashwords Direct in various formats
Barnes and Noble ~ Nook
Goodreads for Review:  https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/23163724­felan

Connect with Melissa:
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/MelissaBellAuthor
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/Peekaboo2u2

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