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F    First why don't you tell us a little about yourself?
·         A.J. Storm is my pen name.
·         I am an avid reader of BDSM, erotic paranormal romance, and lover of vampires and werewolves. I live in the Midwestern part of the United States with my husband of almost 39 years. I am retired and when I’m not reading, writing, or taking care of my husband, I spend time with my four grandchildren and two grown children. I’m excited that I’m going to be a grandmother again in 2015 with two more babies. In my mind, I’m not this old.
·         I love all animals but especially those in the wild. Wolves are my favorite. I call them My Passion because I am very passionate about them and their habitat. My greatest wish one day is to be able to pet and play with a wolf before I die.
·         I have two previously published books. The first was Emily’s Passion which was written for women of age to lift up and encourage while confirming that breast cancer is not a death sentence to a woman’s sexuality. Love, sexuality, and desire are goals still available to the mature woman and Emily’s Passion proves it.
·         Dark Strangers was my second published book. Werewolves and vampires have been at war with each other since the beginning of time. Dark Strangers jumps in the middle striving to close the gap between the two species. Sexy alphas who are best friends lead the way into uncharted territory…one a female vampire and the other a male wolf shifter.
Newest release?
Alexander’s Story – The Dark Strangers Trilogy
What can we expect from your stories, action, drama, romance, sex, blood and guts?
Dark Strangers is filled with fight scenes, mystery, the drama of brothers, romance and hot sex among the alphas, betrayal, and sarcastic humor. It opens the way to the main theme of the series which is continued in Alexander’s Story.
Alexander’s Story gives us a bit of the history behind The Dark Strangers Trilogy. It also contains a few major fight scenes, lots of drama in this book, romance, explicit hot sex, a little BDSM, and lots of blood. We get a look into the evil that is declaring war on the shifters.
Do you have a favorite character in your stories? Who? and Why?
In Dark Strangers, I have two favorites. Tammy is an alpha female vampire. She is my favorite because she isn’t afraid to say anything and finds humor in most personal situations. She is sassy, sarcastic, and sexy as hell. She knows what she wants out of life and goes after it. She is loyal to her best friend Derek and isn’t afraid to buck the Vampire/Werewolf system of war. Ethan is the other favorite and also Tammy’s love/hate interest. He is a major bad boy who rides a Harley. His mind is set on having Tammy and the banter ensues.
In Alexander’s Story, I also have two favorite characters. Of course, Alexander is one. He is one sexy vampire and he is an alpha all the way. He is also a loyal friend with the shifters. His best friend is Derek, the alpha male of the wolves. He is also a Master in BDSM which is a little known fact among friends. Alex loses his heart to a pretty blonde vampire on a dance floor and the romance, sex, and bondage begin.  My second favorite character is not what anyone would think. I don’t want to say too much because I don’t want to give anything away, but it is the villain, Carl Volek. He is pure evil.  However, he was extremely fun to write. It allowed me to let out my anger, greed, hate, and sexual depravity into a character. I’m not normally a wicked person but it was fun to write one.
Give us an interesting fun fact or a few about your book or series:
Okay, now this question is a hard one since I am a new author. Fun facts about the series…hmm..I would have to say it was fun for me to have these characters in my head. I had always heard but never experienced having voices in my head while writing a story.  Sure enough, once I got going on the books my characters were with me most of the way.  That is, until I made them mad by not paying attention or getting distracted.  Then they puffed up like spoiled children.  The most fun is when I’m writing along a certain line and they throw in an idea or plot twist all of a sudden.  I always sit back and am amazed wondering where the devil it came from.  So I guess I have to give them their props and say that their presence was always welcome.  Even when I felt like I was crazy.
Has there been any other authors who have inspired your work or helped you out with your stories?
Yes.  Yezall Strongheart was the very first author to encourage me to write followed by Gina Kincaid, Ditter Kellen, and Dawn Montgomery.  Heidi Lynn Anderson worked with me, giving tips, instruction, and critique when I began to seriously write.  She was a big help with Emily’s Passion.
I had tremendous encouragement from many authors too numerous to mention but everyone meant a great deal to me.
Suzanna C. Ryan mentored me when Bitten Press took me on as an author.  She has taught me so much and I will never be able to say thank you enough to her.  She took a crawling baby author and taught her how to walk.  I love her and at least on my part, I have had fun working with her. 
What can readers who enjoy your book do to help make it successful?
The number one thing is to leave an HONEST review at the site where they purchased the book.  It is vital to an author to know what the readers truly think.  Don’t be afraid to give a bad review if you truly didn’t like the book, but be sure to state the reasons why.  I’ve had three bad reviews but only one of them was an HONEST review and I appreciated the reader for it.  She had a legitimate problem connecting with the characters and she had every right to say so.
Also, if they like the book they would be helpful to recommend it to their friends.  Word of mouth is very important. 
Do you have any tips for readers or advice for other writers trying to get published?
Number one tip is to have faith in yourself and your work.  You need to develop a thick skin because you’re going to receive criticism at every turn.  This is not saying your work is bad but I guarantee you will try to take it that way.  It is my biggest flaw and one I’m trying to overcome daily.
Number two tip is NEVER GIVE UP.  If you truly want to write and have other’s read it, then do it.  Keep trying and do whatever you have to do to get the job done.  Seek out advice, a mentor, etc. whatever it takes.
Do you have a favorite author? If yes, what draws you to that person’s work?
I actually have many, many favorites.  J.R. Ward is one because of her amazing, sexy vampires.  Her books are awesome and her stories are brilliant. Laurann Dohner is another author I love. She writes fantastic stories and her New Species series is a must to read.
Also, I love Cherise Sinclair, Kalypso Masters, Sierra Cartwright, and the Bad Ass Brats authors Sorcha Black, Cari Silverwood, and Leia Shaw for their beautifully written stories of BDSM and incredible romance.
Can you remember one of the first things you wrote? What makes it memorable?
Yes, I can.  I was in a private group and was writing small snippets to pictures of romantic poses I had found that evoked emotions in me.  I was surprised when people stated they actually liked the small stories and kept encouraging me to do so.  This is where my first author, Yezall Strongheart, encouraged me to try and actually write a story and send it in to a publisher. I was terrified to do it but I did.  Of course, I was rejected many times over for the story but the curious thing is it was honed and fine-tuned and became Dark Strangers.
Where do you gather most of the inspiration for your work?
I have been a lover of vampires since I was a very small girl.  I fell in love with Bela Lugosi and Jonathon Frid of Dark Shadows although they aren’t the vampires that I dream of now.  I knew long ago vampires were more than just blood suckers hiding in the night.  They were sensual, sexual, handsome, beautiful, and even romantic. My love of the wolf, the pack, and their hierarchy gives me my inspiration for the werewolf.  And I have to admit, I loved the wolves in Twilight.
Do you have any other interesting hobbies, pets or stories you would like to share?
I really can’t think of any off hand other than listening to most kinds of music. I’m pretty boring when you get down to it.
Favorite places to travel or visit?
San Francisco, California and Cancun, Mexico.  Basically, it’s anywhere there is sand, a beach, and the ocean that I can sit in front of and stare.
And now, before you go, how about a snippet from your book that is meant to intrigue and tantalize us:( Include links to were we can find your work)
Thank you so much, Julie, for allowing me to come today and have you focus on my books and my new release, Alexander’s Story.  I appreciate the time you have spent with me.
And now a snippet from Alexander’s Story….

As soon as Carl’s back was turned, Alexander scooted his chair closer to her.
“You look amazing tonight. I want you right here…right now, over the table. I’m not going to be able to keep my hands off of you. “I’ve got to give Carl credit. He knows how to dress women to bring out their beauty,” Alexander quietly spoke into her ear.
“Be careful,” Bradi whispered, “your lust is showing and someone is going to see it.”
Alexander moved away giving her a devilish grin. “Are you ready to get this party started?”
“I guess I’m as ready as I’ll ever be,” she drew in a deep breath rising from her chair. “David, would you do me the honor?”
David stood taking Bradi’s hand and escorted her into the ballroom. He twirled her around, sweeping her into his arms as the band played a slow song.
“How long do you think it will take Carl to notice you’re on the dance floor with another man?” David asked.
“I’m not really sure,” she replied. “He’s doing his political bragging at the moment so my guess would be a long time. He tends to focus on himself more than anything else. I’m sure he’s trying to rally support for the downfall of the shifters.”
“Well, let’s see if we can ramp this up a bit and catch his eye. Nothing like making a scene to catch the top dog’s notice,” and with that, David began to twirl Bradi sensuously around the dance floor.
As they made it half way around the floor, people stopped to watch them, enjoying the erotic nature of their dance. Bradi molded her body to David’s, moving with his body beat for beat. He spun her away from his body but as soon as he did, he jerked her back against his hips. The entire time their eyes were locked in a mutually erotic staring contest.
Once again, he floated her around the dance floor, their bodies in perfect sync, gliding to the music. A crowd had gathered around the periphery of the floor…their bodies undulating to the tempo. In fact, Bradi noticed the entire mood of the room had changed. People were paired off and stationary, grinding their hips against each other totally lost in their own sensations and lust.
She saw David scanning the room as they were dancing, “I found Carl and he’s not very happy. Neither is Alexander. I’ll be groveling at his feet later,” David muttered. Bradi giggled at David’s frown.
“Okay, Miss Bradi, are you ready? I’m going to dance you over to Carl. Work your magic on him,” David warned her.
They danced their way over in front of Carl but before David let go of Bradi, he dipped her within an inch of the floor. Her body was fluid motion as she leaned back sensuously smiling at David. As he brought her back against his body he released his hold on her.


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