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My name is Riles. I’m the…heroine of Phoenix Rising. Sorry, I have a hard time seeing myself as a heroine. Macen says I am his world, but I think he’s probably biased. So, a little about me. I was found by a wolf pack when I was really young. They raised me, treated me as one of their own until they realized I was a shape shifter that couldn’t shift.
I was an abomination.
Sick of dealing with me, my Alpha dropped me off at the University of Nomadia. No money, no pack affiliations, no identity. He thought he was ruining me, but he gave me the one thing I’d always wanted.
I could spend a thousand hours chatting about him, and all the friends I’ve made along the way, but I figure you can read that for yourself. So, I’ll share a few things not in the book.
Macen is an Alpha shifter from one of the fiercest packs in existence. Yeah, he’s a bit of a bad ass, as Vira would say. Then again, she also calls him a mangy mutt, so maybe we shouldn’t always believe everything she says, right? What people don’t see is the soft. I love his soft almost more than his bad ass.

Logan took that picture. Don’t tell Macen. He’s camera shy. Vira’s my roommate. She’s half-demon, half-vampire and definitely 100% bad ass. I want to be her. She’s all attitude and style. She drives a Harley and has a shoe collection big enough to shoe Texas—that’s a lot of feet. I tried to snap a picture. 

That didn’t go too well, but you get the idea, right? She’s been working with me, showing me things I need to know. She’s awesome. I didn’t always think that. Quite frankly, she still scares the hell out of me, but Macen says that’s good. It makes me stand up for myself. Besides, no one messes with him.
University life is pretty awesome. I’d tell you more, but I don’t want to give anything away. I thought I’d be alone when I got dumped there. I was so wrong. Now I’m looking forward to my first Halloween with Macen and my friends. Vira’s protesting the holiday, by the way. She says it’s a joke. I guess ghosts and goblins don’t really make demons and vampires tremble in fear.
Truth told, I don’t care what Holiday we celebrate because, for once, I have a reason to.

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The beast within me growled, demanding I do 
something to help this female. I’d stood and 
watched her Alpha break her down until she 
was a crumbled shell. Never interfering with an
 Alpha while dealing with a pack member was one 
of the imperative rules of my kind, yet my wolf
 had wanted to destroy that fucker.I’m not a good
 person. I’d seen a lot of fucked-up shit. My father’s 
pack was the fiercest in the region—arguably in the 
country. I didn’t do the protective wolf bullshit.
 That was for beta pussies. I kicked ass and drew 
blood until my enemy submitted. So, why did I 
want to drag her into a dark corner and wrap her 
within my embrace until she stopped trembling, 
and the fear I sensed drifting through her gave 
way to desire? I wanted to stroke her, taste her.
 I wanted to bury myself in her slick heat until
 she screamed my name and forgot all about the 
bullshit she’d gone through. I’d never seen someone 
like her. Maybe that’s why my wolf wanted to claim 
  her. Her ebony hair tumbled around her shoulders in 
curly ribbons of silk. Her skin had appeared soft, almost 
translucent in the sunlight. She was all curves and 
innocence in a petite frame—so small my wolf was
 afraid we’d break her.Darkness settled in my veins
 when I noted the older black, yellow, and purplish
 bruising along her arms. The scene I’d witnessed
 was nothing different for her.
“Yo, man. Snap to it.” Logan slapped my back. 
“Stop day dreaming and start dealing. 
You hear what Riletta said? She was raised in a pack.”
“Never say that name.” Her fucker of an Alpha had 
wielded it like a sword, slicing her 
each time he used it. I didn’t want her equating
 the pain he’d created with me or anything
 to do with me.


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