Review of Tiger Magic By Jennifer Ashley

Tiger Magic

Tiger has had a life of living hell. As a pure tiger shifter, he is rare among the all the shifter. And even among the shifter, he is feared. Tiger was born and breed in captivity. For reasons unknown, forgotten and left to die. Released by a kind hearted woman, now living in the Austin shifter town, with the town alpha, he is slowly trying to adapt to living in a community.  Liam and the rest know that he could go feral at any time. He has never had a collar, which the shifters all hate but help to control the animal rage in all of the shifters. Since the shifters themselves know nothing about Tiger and his background, the collar is something they wish they could use on him. Tiger even among shifters has some amazing abilities....very fast, deadly, heals quick and from almost anything and most of all the kids LOVE him. They all trust the giant man that the adults are terrified of. A chance meeting on the road has Tiger meeting Carly. Tiger knows she is his mate. When he follows her home due to car troubles, Carly finds her boyfriend having sex with a girl on the kitchen counter. Her fiancee is more mad that she came home early than of being caught having sex. As Carly cries and gets upset, that triggers Tigers  protective mate instinct. He will kill any one that hurts his Carly. After being shot and run off, he ends up in a hospital and now under guard. The lab work only brings Tiger to the government eyes with more questions than answers and shows he is still alive. Carly doesn't understand why this man is being persecuted but knows she want to see him safe as well. And she knows the collar (the fake impostor one) around his neck will stop him from doing any realm harm, right!!?

I have been following these shifter stories from Jennifer Ashley for a while. They are awesome. I love Tiger and his whole character. He is lovable, strong, kicks ass and loved his Carley unconditionally. He shows how the shifters can be and that he can be trusted. Carley knows he is special and as she gets to know him falls in love with him. This is a wonderful addition to the Austin shifter stories. Thanks for the GREAT READ! If you love shifters, lovable characters, and a great story you can sink your teeth in, this is for you. Just remember this is a series. There are many before this but you can read it independently. You just will not know some of the other characters in the story and what makes them special as well. Great series!

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