Interview for Sara Daily

Julie's Book Review would like to introduce Sara Dailey and Staci Weber. 

Welcome to the site. We are all excited to meet and learn more about you.

Let's start with Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Thanks for featuring us on your blog! We are both language arts teachers and have been teaching together for 10 years. We became friends when we taught across the hall from each other, and then when we both decided to find a job closer to home, we ended up working at the same school next door to each other. Over the years, we became good friends and bonded over our love of YA Romances. One day, Staci mentioned she had an idea for a YA paranormal Romance and wanted to try to write it together. So, we did and a year later, our first novel, Sinful, was written and then published a year after that. We have been writing ever since and now we are currently finishing up our 5th book!

What genre's do you write? if more than one do you have a favorite?

So far, we have only tried our hand at YA Paranormal Romance, but we have tons of book ideas and plan to branch out one of these days. However, we will definitely stick with Romances because it’s what we love.

What can we expect from your books? Action, sex, adventure, romance?

You can definitely expect Romance because a relationship is at the heart of all of our novels, but there is plenty of twists and turns, secrets and lies, and of course some suspense to keep the pages turning.

Do you have a favorite book or character of yours that is a favorite? Why?

So far our favorite character has been Aiden. His conflicts draw on his character; he learns a lot about himself. But, our attachment to a favorite seems to change with each book that we write.

Can you tell us anything on your newest release?

Our latest release is Circle of Lies, Book 2 in the Red Ridge Pack series. Here is a little teaser:

And the lies continue …
Life has always been easy for Aiden Wright. He’s smart, athletic, funny, and the ladies adore him. But when tragedy strikes, Aiden discovers the truth about who he really is, and his whole world comes crashing down around him. Aiden thought that being a teenage werewolf was going to be awesome, but it might just cost him the one girl who could make him whole again.
Since her mother’s disappearance, Teagan Rhodes’ life has been littered with her father’s empty beer cans and his hollow promises to change. Convinced that others would only let her down in the end, she keeps everyone she knows at arm’s length, but resisting Aiden’s charm is proving to be more difficult than she thought.
Throw in a psychotic werewolf hunter out to terminate the entire species and one wrong move, one wrong decision could destroy everything.

Are you working on anything new? When will it be out and can you give us any details....hints?

We wrote a novella, which is a prequel to the Red Ridge Pack Series, called Born of Lies. It’s scheduled to be released at the end of June. We had a blast writing it and are really excited to share it with Red Ridge fans. We got to travel back in time to 1994 and tell the story of how all the lies began. We are also finishing up book 3 in the Red Ridge Pack series, which is still untitled, but should be released in the late summer or early fall. You’ll get to meet a new character named Scarlett, who rolls into town with a whole lot of drama, and manages to catch the eye of Luke Stanton, the next alpha’s (will it be Cade or Aiden?) second in command. Scarlett is hiding some serious secrets, and Luke doesn’t know what he’s in for. He tries to stay away, but he can’t seem to resist her.

What kind of advice would you give new authors or people who are trying to get published?

The best advice we can give is write what you love, be patient, and never give up. Being a new author is a tough gig, and you will probably receive a whole lot of rejection before someone finally takes a chance on you. So, learn from the no’s and celebrate the yes’s!

Lets find out a little more ....How about some FUN stuff!!

Favorite place to travel?

Sara – anywhere with a beautiful beach
Staci – Old, historic cities

Favorite foods?

Sara – definitely Mexican food
Staci – Chinese, lately it’s the Szechuan beef

Favorite past time?

Sara – reading, lots and lots of mindless reading
Staci – reading small town Romance, watching my kids practice (volleyball & gymnastics)

Book (not yours but one you can recommend)

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Claire
The Future of Us by Jay Asher
Before I Die by Jenny Downham
Sorta Like a Rockstar by Matthew Quick

Author (one you can recommend)

Sarah Dessen, John Green, Jay Asher

Any pets?

Sara – Too many! Three dogs and a cat: Buddy, Pacey, Belle, and Georgie
Staci – A Rhodesian Ridgeback named Zula

Finally is there any special places we can find you and your books (Links please)

Website - http://www.saraandstaci.com Boroughs - http://boroughspublishinggroup.com/authors/sara-dailey-staci-weber
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sara-Dailey-and-Staci-Weber/102330932229?ref=nf https://www.facebook.com/TheRedRidgePack Twitter - https://twitter.com/Sara_Staci Amazon - http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias=aps&field-keywords=sara+dailey+and+staci+weber Pinterest - http://pinterest.com/weberjohnstaci/

Thanks for coming and visiting with us!

Julie Ramsey

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