Interview with Reagan Walker

Regan’s Interview for Julie’s Book Review

Julie's Book Review would like to introduce Regan Walker. Welcome to the site. We are all excited to meet and learn more about you.

Let's start with Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Well, as a child I loved to write stories, particularly about adventure-loving girls, but by the time I got to college more serious pursuits took priority. One of my professors thought I was suited to the profession of law (I’ve never been certain that was a compliment). I recall that I was thinking perhaps he was right. I’d rather be a hammer than a nail. And lawyers are hammers in our society. But after years of serving clients in private practice and several stints in high levels of government, I was ready for a change. My international travel and experience in government gave me a feel for the demands of the “Crown” on its subjects. So, when I decided to write Romance novels, it seemed natural to have heroes who were on special assignments for a demanding Prince Regent.
In addition to being an author, I am an avid historical Romance reader and reviewer with my own review blog (Regan’s Romance Reviews, http://reganromancereview.blogspot.com).

What genre's do you write? if more than one do you have a favorite?

Historical romance—it’s what I love to read and what I love to write. And, my first books are Regency Romances that take place in that thin slice of time when George IV was still the Prince Regent. I expect I will always write in the historical Romance genre, as I love the research.

What can we expect from your books? Action, sex, adventure, romance?

The idea came from my early love of mysteries and spy stories and my knowledge that all branches of government have their own agents. I like stories set in the past that offer adventure as well as love. There will always be love scenes and action, too. Generally my stories do not take place in one location. My characters move around pursuing some goal or other.

Do you have a favorite book or character of yours that is a favorite? Why?

All my heroines are strong women and the heroes stronger still. I think my favorite character might be Lord Ormond from Racing with the Wind because he tries to be so above it all but his love, Lady Mary (who becomes Lady Ormond) brings him down to earth with her misadventures. Hugh is a multifaceted man…a British lord not content to
tend his estates and up to his elbows in the politics of the time. He is also an avid horseman and he and Lady Mary have a love of horses in common.

Can you tell us anything on your newest release?

My latest release, Against the Wind, is the story of Sir Martin Powell, a spy for the Crown in France who has come home to England for one last assignment. In a fancy bordello in London, he meets Katherine, Lady Egerton never knowing who she is. He will sweep her away to the Midlands and into a fomenting rebellion against the Crown.

Are you working on anything new? When will it be out and can you give us any details....hints?

I am working on the 3rd in the Agents of the Crown trilogy, Wind Raven, which takes place on a schooner and in Bermuda and the Caribbean in 1817, and features a rakish sea captain hero and a pirate who plied the seas around Puerto Rico at the time. We’re looking at a late 2013 release date.

Then I have a few other things in the works, a novella that takes place in London in 1818 featuring redheaded rake Lord Eustace who makes a wager with Lord Ormond he can make love to a certain widow and then leave her. I also have the prequel to my trilogy, To Tame the Wind that I’ve begun thinking about. It will be set in 1783 in France and London. The hero and heroine are Claire Donet and Captain Simon Powell, the parents of Martin and Nick Powell, the heroes in the last two books of the Agents of the Crown trilogy. I promise there will be lots of action, a French pirate and ships!

What kind of advice would you give new authors or people who are trying to get published?

First, begin writing what you love to read. I think critique partners you respect who are committed to getting (or are) published can also be helpful. Then, when you have finished a novel, get a few “beta reads” (a holistic read of the story for plot, characters and whether the reader liked the story) by different folks that your critique partners. Then, having made the changes that those reviews led you to make, get it published.

These days you have many options. If you like being in the driver’s seat, and you don’t want to spend years chasing a publisher, you can self publish. Of course, you’ll need to a good editor and copyeditor/formatter. But those can be found. I’m told by the authors who use it that Create Space is a wonderful way to go. If you want to go with the big 4 publishers (I think they are down to 4 now), you might want an agent. Otherwise, I don’t think you need one.

I got lucky with Boroughs Publishing Group, an ePublishing house. I like having a good editor, flexibility in designing my cover and the fact my publisher has chosen to keep the names I suggested for my novels. They provide marketing and publicity, but realistically, we have to do our own publicity and social media, too; that is going to be required no
matter what you do. Best to have an author website and Facebook account ready for when your first book rolls out.

Lets find out a little more ....How about some FUN stuff!!

Favorite place to travel?

Ah, that would probably be Scotland and England and France. I love the Highlands and I like the south of France. For a big city, I love Paris better than London. It’s so romantic and they have wonderful pastries. Also, I speak just enough tourist French to get by. I’ve wanted to go to Ireland for some time. I visited Dublin once and want to go back.

Favorite foods?

It depends on the meal, of course. I eat a lot of healthy salads for lunch, and look for restaurants that serve interesting ones. For dinner, I like fish in a delicate sauce, but I also like Italian pasta with a good Caesar salad. And, for dessert, something light with lemon or chocolate. Creamy cheesecake is a weakness.

Favorite past time?

Traveling, reading and researching my novels.

Book (not yours but one you can recommend)

Oh, I have so many. On my blog and Amazon, I have ten “best lists.” I also have a “top 20” list of keepers. So you see, it’s hard to recommend just one. However, the one I read recently I fell in love with is Bride of the MacHugh, a classic by Jan Cox Speas. You can only buy it used right now but her family is bringing her books to eBooks so it may be more readily available in future. You can read my review here: http://reganromancereview.blogspot.com/2013/04/new-review-jan-cox-speass-bride-of.html.

Author (one you can recommend)

On my blog I have a long list. I can recommend many classic authors and some new ones. A classic favorite is Virginia Henley. Her Plantagenet series is amazing. A new favorite is Ellen O’Connell, who writes Western historical romances.

Any pets?

Oh, yes. I have a very sweet older Golden Retriever named “Link” who everyone loves.

Finally is there any special places we can find you and your books (Links please)

Lots of links!
Publisher website: http://www.BoroughsPublishingGroup.com/regan-walker Author’s Amazon page: http://www.amazon.com/Regan-Walker/e/B008OUWC5Y Author website URL: http://www.reganwalkerauthor.com/ Regan’s Romance Reviews blog: http://reganromancereview.blogspot.com/ Twitter: @RegansReview (https://twitter.com/RegansReview) Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/regan.walker.104 Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6450403.Regan_Walker

It has been a pleasure visiting with you. JBR wishes you great success and hopefully you will be back here again with more reviews of your future books.

Thanks, Julie, for the chance to be on your blog and for the good wishes!

Julie Ramsey


  1. Are we down to four already? That was quick. Anyway :p

    I love that Reagan's books are so diverse in their locations. Also ♡ fictional spies ;)

  2. Hi Regan and Julie,

    Nice post here today. I enjoyed reading more about you.

    Regan, I must say the description of your third book in your Crown Series drew me right in - Pirates, Bermuda and the Caribbean? Now that sounds like my cup of tea.

    1. I do hope you like it, Paula. It is an unusual Regency but historically accurate.

  3. Julie,
    Thanks for having me on your blog! Unfortunately I am moving today and tomorrow so I'll be off line most of the day but will check in late tonight if I can!

  4. Great interview, Regan, lovely to read about you and what you're working on. You really need to get over here so we can go visit Mr Berry in St James and enjoy that glass of wine ...:)


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