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Let's start with Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am a very optimistic, bubbly person, always cheerful, friendly and willing to help. 
Down to earth, open and honest. I am a bit of a maverick - at school I was the kid most likely to have a dice, pack of cards or any amount of random stuff in my pockets.  I am always looking to find out what life is about rather than just living it mindlessly. I think that every experience in life can be profound, not only those events which appear significant. I believe that true happiness is to be found in the small, simple things in life - the things which are so often overlooked in this rat race we live in.

Which genres do you write?

I write thrillers and this is the genre I grew up loving to read.  Being fascinated by conspiracy theories, I do like to add a little conspiracy sub plot like a twist of Sicilean Lemon to my cocktails of intrigue.

Having studied astrology  I am constantly aware of life's synchronicities and hidden meanings and so I find myself subconsciously dotting esoteric gems here and there for some spiritual sparkle.

What can we expect from your books?Action, sex, adventure, romance?

A Sealed Fate is a psychological thriller and there is a romantic subplot however the underlying theme is fate versus freewill.  The story is character driven rather than action driven and for that reason it starts slowly but gathers pace and races to a conclusion.  The writing is very contemporary with an almost chick-lit feel to it at times.

Do you have a favorite book or character of yours that is a favorite? Why?

One of my favourite books and characters is Out of Africa and Karen Blixen.  Coming from African myself, the book really hit a chord with me and so did the courage strength of Karen who is quite an extraordinary and ahead of her time woman.

Can you tell us anything on your newest release?

 A Sealed Fate is a unique blend ot chicklit and thriller in an unusual setting and with an unusual theme at the centre - the concept of sacrificial and compensatory karma.

The tension revs up with the main character, the singer and wannabe rock star, Valda, who speeds through life in a sequence of emotional car crashes until she washes up on Dubai's shores at the feet of the mysterious Sheikh, who, whilst pretending to be her patron, has his own needs to satisfy. And boy does Valda satisfy them until she realises, when in very deep, that she has predecessors with the same experience. The only problem is she can't consult them because they are all dead - in suspicious circumstances. Her clandestine relationship with the Sheikh, propels her further into a murky web of deceit, and she turns to Larissa for help. As an astrologer, Larissa predicts that Valda and the Sheikh's destinies were sealed from the moment of their first meeting; however she keeps the dire fate that she reads in the charts a secret. Together, Valda and Larissa take a gamble in a game of cosmic Russian Roulette where the stakes are their lives and their adversary, Fate itself.

Can they beat Fate? Can freewill triumph?

Take a leisurely tours of the City State's night spots and its haute cuisine; rub shoulders with the beautiful and rich, but never forget that nagging question of destiny and the price you have to pay to change it. 

Are you working on anything new? when will it be out and can you give us any details....hints?

I will soon be releasing a thriller called Next of Sin set in the UK and Japan: this is a fast paced nerve racking read about a young lawyer who thinks she has the perfect life and the perfect family until she investigates a recurring dream only to discover a macabre and horrifying secret which will end up costing her everything and nearly her life too.

What kind of advice would you give new authors or people who are trying to get published?

Have your work professionally edited and proofread, this is vital.  When approaching agents make sure you do so in the manner they request and be very professional in your query letters.  If you do go the self published route; KDP publishing with Amazon offers some wonderful opportunities and I highly recommend it.

Lets find out a little more ....How about some FUN stuff!!
favorite place to travel?

South Africa - Umhlanga Rocks.
I would love to do the Trans Siberian rail journey

Favorite foods?

Biltong, borewors, macoroni cheese, pizza.

Favorite past time?

Oh SO many of these!  Watching cricket, playing tennis, swimming, singing and telling jokes.

Book (not yours but one you can recommend)

Dark Side Crossing - Cule Hinder.   An epic tale narrated in the most magical prose; told in three separate but interlinked periods of a man's life and revolving around a quest to shake off the guilt about a childhood misadventure and find the secret of a first love that went missing.  The ending is dramatic and gripping.

Author (one you can recommend)

I love to help fellow Indies, so I would recommend these excellent up and coming indie thriller writers:  Clive Hindle, Paul H Landes and Alan Annand.

any pets?

No, but I would love a dog.

Finally is there any special places we can find you and your books (Links please)



Valda managed to survive the first two days without caving in to her
desire to give the Carrera GT a spin. The keys on her coffee table
tormented her constantly and there was little apart from eating and
sleeping to distract her during the days.
By the end of the third day, she had managed to convince herself
that there was no harm in a short drive. With the keys in her hand, she
felt a surge of excitement, like an electric current shooting through her
limbs, bringing life to her senses. It was years since she had felt this kind
of positive anticipation.
There it was, exactly where she had found it three days ago, shining
magnificently. For days now it had beckoned her, as if it was as eager as
she was to go for a drive. In Valda’s mind, cars assumed personalities
and emotions and this particular one appeared to be her perfect match.
Wasting no time, she opened the door carefully and eased herself into
the low, sleek, lightweight roadster. She sensually ran her hands over
the steering wheel, gently toyed with the gear lever, savouring every
moment of foreplay with her 605-horsepower friend.
After a few more indulgent minutes, she eased the keys into the
ignition, turned it over and – wow – the insanely powerful engine
sprang to life. Still not sure what to do next, she sat quietly while the
monocoque chassis gently vibrated.
Racing clutches can be testy and this particular one was one of the
testiest – Valda stalled three times before successfully pulling off. Her
new car was akin to an Olympic sprinter itching to get out of the blocks.
With so much grit coming out of the engine, the residential streets of
Jumeirah were hardly the right arena for this calibre of vehicle’s virgin
journey, but Valda was undeterred. Even on the main roads, her GT
stayed well within itself, with only the rare opportunity of reaching 30
per cent of its top speed. No matter what, it was an orgasmic experience
and she relished each moment.

It has been a please visiting with you. JBR wishes you great success and hopefully you will be back here again with more reviews of your future books.

Julie Ramsey

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