Review of Obsession by L.B. Darling

Review of Obsession by L.B. Darling,

I found this novel to be disturbingly realistic, almost to the point of overkill. The characters were
realistically portrayed as real people who might live next door. The setting, a small town in Maine, was fleshed out extensively, from the abandoned mansion to the failed and failing businesses on Main Street, and all had contributions to make in the telling of the story. The idyllic cabin in the woods, near the obligatory lake was well situated for a tale of this ilk, a stalker and his victim. The action, of which there was plenty, started immediately and wouldn’t let you go. A thoroughly enjoyable, if at times frightening, tale of the human foibles that sometimes lead to disaster, and a great example of just how far people will go for survival, both in a good sense and a bad one. Without hesitation, I give this excellent example of a thriller, five stars.

by John Andersen for Julie’s Book Reviews

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