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Hi, everyone.  
I would l like to start by saying thank you to Julie for having me back.  This time out I want to tell you all about my second book in the Harper Falls series, "If Tomorrow Never Comes".  It, like all my books, is a stand alone story.  Jack and Rose, from "If I Loved You" are still around, but this book focuses on Dani and Alex.
It isn't necessary to have read the first book but if you did you probably remember Dani talking about falling in love five years ago.  Two weeks of love, I guess you would say, and then he was gone.  Well, now Alex Fleming is back, and Dani knows right away that she is still in love.  The problem is, Alex can't leave his past behind; it had literally followed him to Harper Falls.  He wants to keep Dani safe, and that might mean walking away--again.

If Tomorrow Never Comes (Harper Falls Book 2)

Here is a brief teaser:

"Can I buy you a drink?"
Dani shouldn't have been surprised to hear an American accent, tourists were everywhere.  But this club didn't cater an international crowd.  She planned on politely turning down the offer.  If she was going to start something, she wanted a change of pace from what she got at home.
Then she looked into his eyes and knew no matter how hard she searched she would never find this at home.  This man was so far out of her ordinary that she wondered for a moment if she had conjured him up in her overactive imagination.
His hair was short—really short.  Maybe a military cut?  Seeing a set of dog tags peaking out of his white cotton button down shirt, Dani congratulated herself.  Nice get, Dani.  In the dimly lit club, it was hard to tell if his hair was black or brown, but there was no question about his eyes.  They were like melted dark chocolate and filled with a kind of warm good humor that made her oddly giddy.  Dani wasn't a stranger to good looking men, but this one had something that set him apart.  There was no defining it, it just was.
On top of that he looked like a good kisser.  At least she hoped he was.  It would have been criminal for a mouth like his to go to waste.  He had a full lower lip just begging to be bitten and then soothed with a stroke of her tongue.
"Is it a tough question?"  His voice was low and easy to hear even in the din of the surrounding voices and music.
Right, he had asked her something.  A drink
"I'm not much of a drinker when I'm out at a club."
He watched her for a moment as though carefully considering her words.
"Smart.  You never know what someone might slip into your drink."  He leaned closer, his eyes filled with concern.
"I hope you didn't learn that the hard way."
Was this guy for real?  Dani had never been much of a club scene person, but when she did go the guys always seemed to be pushing drinks at her.  Turn them down?  They just pushed harder.  They couldn't grasp the concept of not getting falling down drunk and hooking up with the most attractive person that would have you.  But this guy?  Mister Military?  He not only understood but was concerned that she might have been assaulted sometime in her past.  She thought this kind of guy had gone out of style with her father.
"Sorry, too personal?"
"No," she answered, then added, "to both questions."  Dani realized that she needed to start keeping up her end of the conversation.  Long pauses were a good way to have him lose interest.  And that was the last thing she wanted.
"Would you like to get out of here?  There's a coffee house just down the street and I promise not to try anything."
With a nod, Dani preceded him out of the club. 

I hope you come along on the journey with Dani and Alex.  If you haven't read the first book in the series for a limited time it is FREE at all the ebook outlets.
Be sure and enter to win one of two $15 Amazon gift cards.  Each winner will also receive a copy of  "If Tomorrow Never Comes".
For updates on future projects visit my website and Facebook page.   You can also follow me on twitter.
Thanks and happy reading,
Mary J. Williams

I recently did an interview at the Author Show, It's now available for listening and download.
I hope you click the link and take a listen, give the interview a like and share with your friends.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to introduce myself and my books.  The first book in the Harper Falls series is now available for FREE for a short time.

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