Mary J William Day 3

If I Loved You (Harper Falls Book 1)   If Tomorrow Never Comes (Harper Falls Book 2)

My name is Mary J Williams and I write contemporary romance.  I like to read them so it made sense to me that this would be the kind of book I would write.  "If Tomorrow Never Comes" is book two in the Harper Falls series and tells the love story between Dani Wilde and Alex Fleming.  It is a stand alone book, each in the series is about a different couple.  But we do meet up with Rose and Jack from "If I Loved You".  They play important part in the lives of the hero and heroine.

I know the process of writing is a mysterious thing.  As a reader, I sometimes wonder how the author gets ideas, where they write, how much time the devote each day to the process.  I imagine that you could ask that question of a hundred writers and each would have a different answer.  I know for me, writing has to be done every day.  It is so easy to get out of the rhythm.  Whether I write one page or twenty, sitting down every morning in front of my laptop and hitting those keys keeps my brain fluid.  And there is one more this that is vital.  If I have an idea, I have to write it down, immediately.  I can't tell you how many times I have waited thinking I couldn't possibly forget, and then I do.  Whoosh, right out of my head.  Thoughts dissolve so easily, they must be saved or they can be lost forever.

I would like to take a little time to tell you about my newsletter.  I keep readers up to date about new releases and what I'm working on.  But I have a feature called "Thoughts From Lila".  Lila is Alex's sister and we met her in "If I Loved You".  She owns and runs Peony, a flower shop in Harper Falls.  Lila has what I call a window to the world of a small town.  She sees and hears things that the main characters in the books aren't always aware of.  So in a bit of fiction that is exclusive to my newsletter Lila uses about 1000 words every month to give readers a different insight.  For example, in her first entry, she fleshes out Rose's disastrous date, the one who threw up all over her fabulous shoes.  It is a fun little feature that I hope readers will enjoy.  You can sign up at my website and on my Facebook page.

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