Mary J Williams Day 2

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I'm giving away two $15 dollar Amazon gift cards and each winner will also receive an audio version of my first book, "If I Loved You" book on in the Harper Falls series.

If I Loved You (Harper Falls Book 1)

First why don't you tell us a little about yourself?
I guess I should start by telling you a little about myself.  My name is Mary J. Williams and I write contemporary romance.  It has always been my dream, it just took me a while to find the time and motivation to push my dream ahead of everything else.  But now that I've gotten started I can't imagine ever stopping.

If Tomorrow Never Comes (Harper Falls Book 2)
Newest release?
My new release is call "If Tomorrow Never Comes".  It is book two in the Harper Falls series.  Book one, "If I Loved You" is available in both ebook format and as an audio book.

What can we expect from your stories, action, drama, romance,sex, blood and guts?
I love to write about love.  But I also enjoy putting in a bit drama.  In my newest book, my hero is ex-Army. He has brought some danger with him and it is going to touch the lives of his friends, family and the woman he loves.  I really wanted to give this book a bit of mystery and action.

Do you have a favorite character in your stories? Who? and Why?
In this book, I love the character of Dani.  She is so capable, a woman who can take care of herself but isn't afraid to love and be vulnerable.  I hope readers connect with her and with the hero of the book, Drew Fleming.  I'm crazy about them both.

Give us an interesting fun fact or a few about your book or series:
A fun fact about "If Tomorrow Never Comes" is the continuation of the silly business names in the town of Harper Falls was never meant to be a thing.  It started in my first book "If I Loved You" and grew from there.  I have fun thinking up the different names.  For instance, the bakery is called "A Taste Of Doug and Honey".  Silly and fun.

Has there been any other authors who have inspired your work or helped you out with your stories?
My inspiration from other authors is strictly peripheral.  There are so many I enjoy reading and I think I take something from them all. 

What can readers who enjoy your book do to help make it successful?
If you enjoy my books the biggest thing you can do is write a review and post it at your favorite spot.  Amazon, Goodreads, etc.  And please, pass it on to your friends.  Word of mouth is so important to any author.  I love to write, but I want to share my stories.  I know when I find a new author that I like, I tell my reading friends.  I hope my readers do the same. 

Do you have any tips for readers or advice for other writers trying to get published?
The best advice I can give anyone who wants be an author is simple--just write.  The dream of having you book published will never happen if you don't sit down and put those amazing words that swirl around in your brain on paper--or on your computer.  I know it sounds simple, but it can be the most difficult thing in the world to write that first word.  You'd be amazed at how many come pouring out after that.  Just don't give up.

Do you have a favorite author? If yes, what draws you to that person’s work?
So many authors, so little time.  I love Nora Roberts, Linda Howard, Lisa Kleypas.  The list goes on and and on.  I draw inspiration from them all.  The longevity of their careers, their excellence.  I aspire to all of that.

Can you remember one of the first things you wrote? What makes it memorable?
The first thing I ever wrote in story form was a love story about my favorite singer.  It was full of swooning and innocent kisses and was so, so bad.  Embarrassing but everybody has to start somewhere.

Here is a small sample of my new book "If Tomorrow Never Comes".  I hope you all will check it out at Amazon.com.  Also, visit my website and my Facebook page.

And thank you Julie.  You do a great job.  I look forward to coming back again with my next book, "If You Only Knew"  book three in the Harper Falls series.

Mary J. Williams

FOURTH OF JULY in Harper Falls was much like it was in cities and towns all over the United States.  A large crowd gathered every year at Riverside Park for picnics and games.  People came and went throughout the day, but everyone made sure they were there when the annual fireworks display was set off.  Even though the bursting lights could be seen for miles around, most people preferred to pack together and watch them with their friends and neighbors.
Dani Wilde could remember coming here as a little girl and impatiently feeling like it would never get dark.  It was the one time during summer vacation that she wished the sun would go down early.  The time would arrive, and her father would hoist her onto his shoulders so that she could be just a little bit closer to the colorful lights.  Then her mother and brother would gather close so that they could enjoy the display.  Eventually, she grew too old to sit on her father's shoulders.  Though she and her brother would spend all day running around with their friends, when the time came they always found their way back to their parents so they could watch the fireworks as a family.
One of the things she'd missed the most after she had left for college, and a career away from Harper Falls was coming to the park with her mother and father.  Dani had even missed her annoying brother Caleb though she had to admit he was much easier to get along with now that they didn't have to share a bathroom.
As Dani searched the crowd, it didn't take her long to find her father.  As usual he was manning one of the propane barbecues that the city set up every year.  For a few dollars, anyone could buy a huge plate of food.  It consisted of tender pork ribs, potato salad, and corn on the cob dripping with butter.  And for dessert, a piece of chocolate sheet cake personally made by Dani's mother and topped with a thick layer of her famous caramel frosting.  People bought tickets weeks in advance for the dessert alone.
When she and her friends had returned home almost two years ago, Dani had wondered if the Fourth of July celebration would possibly be able to live up to her memories.  She shouldn't have worried.  There were minor changes, but nothing worth mentioning.  Familiar faces mingled happily with newcomers.  Her family still gathered together when it got dark, only now, the family included Caleb's wife and two children.  Changes, but good ones.
Changes were affecting her little circle as well.  Oh, Rose O'Brian and Tyler Jones were still the best friends she could ever hope to have.  Rose was now madly in love and engaged to be married.  Dani was thrilled, and she couldn't have picked a better man than Jack Winston.  It was obvious to anyone who saw them together that he adored her.  That meant Dani and Tyler enthusiastically opened their circle to fit another member.  Jack made Rose happy, and if Rose was happy so were her friends.
Deciding to give her skin a break from the afternoon sun, Dani found a relatively deserted place under one of the park's many shade trees.  She leaned back and closed her eyes, concentrating on muting the noises around her.  As a result, she was able to bring the din of the crowd down to a gentle roar.  Unfortunately, her peace didn't last long.  The distinct rumbling of a motorcycle pulling into the nearby parking lot broke the spell.  There was nothing gentle about that noise.
Dani lifted one eyelid to get a peek at the new arrival.  Motorcycles weren't unheard of at the picnic, but most people tended to come in groups of friends and family.  There were trucks, mini-vans, and even a few RVs.  It wasn't the mode of transportation that was unusual, but the fact that the driver had arrived alone.
From where she was sitting the rider looked to be tall and well-built.  A helmet covered his head, but as he removed his leather jacket she could see that under his black t-shirt were well-muscled arms and a flat stomach.  Nice butt, too.  His faded jeans showed off long legs that Dani imagined were as muscled as the rest of him.  As he unbuckled the strap under his chin, she sat up a little straighter.  If his face was even a fraction as good as the rest of him, Dani was ready to be a welcoming party of one.
The man removed his helmet revealing thick, longish dark hair, slightly damp with sweat and having a tendency to curl.  Better and better, she smiled.  As he turned toward her, Dani froze, certain her eyes must have been playing tricks on her.  Five years later and covered with a shaggy beard, that face was still as familiar to her as if she had seen it yesterday.  She felt a burst of joy overtake her body.  She jumped to her feet, ready to welcome him with open arms.  Before she could move someone beat her to it.
"Alex!"  A curvy brunette burst from the crowd and threw herself at the man.  He laughed and caught her in his arms with ease, as though he'd done it a hundred times before.
Lila.  Rose's friend who owned the flower shop.  Dani felt as if her heart was being ripped from her chest.  He hadn't come for her.  The ridiculous fantasy that she had secretly kept alive all these years was just that—ridiculous.  As she watched Alex look down at the woman in his arms with what any fool could see was love, she felt the last bit of hope slip away forever.

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