Virginia McKevitt Day 1 feb 26

Author Interview  Part One

First why don't you tell us a little about yourself?
Hi there! I’m Virginia McKevitt. I write fantasy novels focusing on adventure, mystery and romance with an element of magic intertwined. I’ve lived most of my life in the city of New Orleans whose very history is steeped in mystery and magic, along with a mix of religion and superstitions that have created a wealth of writing material for someone like me. Children’s fairy tales and imaginary friends were the building blocks that started this writer on a path to where she is today.
 I have so much to be thankful for but I would not be at this place in my life today if not for some pretty remarkable influences that charted my path. The first is my sister Anna, who started the whole fairy tale business in the first place. The stories she would read to me were a ride that I never got off of. Alice in wonderland is still my favorite escape of all time.
From childhood, through the teen years then on to Anne Rice, and my first vampire love Lestat. Growing up and living in New Orleans, what can I say, it is the perfect place to hone the paranormal fantasy mind and this legendary woman and her Vampire Chronicles fueled my imagination.
I began to write, but was too self conscious to share my stories, so I wrote for me. Time passed, works were put away and life went on, until Hurricane Katrina. The curse to so many was a blessing in disguise for me, though at the time I didn’t think so. She blew into town, destroyed my business and my farm, then moved me north, to Alabama, then to the Georgia mountains.
That decision changed my life. A box in the top of a closet, an unfinished manuscript, and a whisper in my ear. Finish what you started. That story, started in my twenties, is what you are reading today.
Thank you to my hubby Jeff who is the poster child for unselfishness and encouragement. I love you. To my family and friends who also encouraged me to take up the sword and do what I love, to write. A special thanks to the girls who help me take care of business; Lisa, Kathie, Theresa, and Gini, but most of all I want to thank the readers for turning the pages, falling in love and wanting more. To you I am forever grateful.
Book one of my series, Fracture The Secret Enemy Saga was released in March of 2012, followed by
book two, The Hunted in December of the same year. Book three, Secrets is due to be released early
summer of 2014. Fracture The Secret Enemy Saga was nominated for the 2012 RONE Awards for Best Paranormal Fantasy of 2012.
Ind'tale Magazine wrote; Virginia McKevitt writes a great sci-fi mystery thriller! She develops an
enticing, believable plot, and uses each character to contribute to the story line that both intrigues and
enthralls...leaves readers yearning for more.
Also in the works are three additional novels that are scheduled to be released following Secrets, this
Fall and early 2015:
Blood and Roses, a vampire novel
Aiden’s War, a shapeshifter thriller
Dixie Rampage, a supernatural assassin

Newest release?
The third in the series, Fracture The Secret Enemy Saga, titled SECRETS, was released last month and has been getting great reviews by pre-release readers.

Fracture The Secret Enemy Saga book three Secrets

What can we expect from your stories, action, drama, romance, sex, blood and guts?
Lol, all of the above. I love books, tv and movies that are character driven and full of action, so in that sense I want my stories to be the same. I write fantasy that is considered New Adult/Young Adult, so no Fifty Shades here, but there is steam just the same.

Do you have a favorite character in your stories? Who? and Why?
My favorite character is my male protag, Tegrin. He’s an assassin with nothing to lose, loyal to his king to a fault, a little tortured inside and a love for my female protag, Kristina, that he didn’t think he was capable of or deserved. What’s not to love, lol?

Give us an interesting fun fact or a few about your book or series:
I try to break up the tension in the story with humor by using some banter between Tegrin and the king, Kristina and other characters but what I really think is fun is the way Tegrin tries to understand modern day slang, after all he comes from a world that medieval at best.
See what you think:
“I don’t think you can make Tegrin angry,” she said. (Kristina is saying she doesn’t believe the king can do anything to make Tegrin mad at him)
He looked over his shoulder and raised his eyebrows. “Let me tell you about the time…”
Yorandt had Kristina’s undivided attention. Tegrin watched Kristina’s face as Yorandt told her of the time he pushed Tegrin into the river.
“We were very young, nineteen or so both of us, and I was very,” Tegrin cut in, “Unprepared.”
“We shall go with that,” Yorandt said.
“I challenged my guardian friend to a wrestling match.” Kristina’s eyes opened wide. “I know, silly me, but I was the king after all.”
“Hmm,” from behind them.
Kristina put her hand over her mouth. She loved this so much.
“He stood there like a statue, his arms crossed and shaking his head no.  The brat that I was could not
believe that he would deny my request. Without thinking, I shoved him.”
“And then what did you do?”
“He ran.”
“He is correct. I ran.”
“You didn’t?”
“I did. Look at him,” he said waving his free arm toward Tegrin. “He was huge, just like he is today.”
“I was not.”
“Well, you were close.”
Tegrin rolled his eyes. Kristina couldn’t hold it in anymore. Tears were streaming down her face.
“What happened?” she asked, gasping for breath.
“I turned around when I realized there were no thundering footsteps behind me. I am very quick on my feet, by the way.” He looked at Tegrin, who nodded. “He was sitting on the river’s edge, laughing. I shook my head in disbelief. How dare a guardian laugh at the king!  When he saw the anger on my face, he tried to stop laughing, but he laughed harder. The next thing I knew I was laughing too.” He looked at Tegrin with true love in his eyes. “Our bond is stronger than blood.” He patted her hand. “We are both very lucky.”

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