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Dominated by Duplicitous Desires Author Interview

About the author:
Living on the east coast, I love to travel to Maine.  Just far enough away to enjoy time with my
wonderful family without the weight of work or competing schedules, but close enough that
most of the short time to escape is not taken by travel.  The beautiful scenery and abundance of
woods and rocky beaches offers peace and tranquility to me and my family.  I am the mother of
three wonderful children and work in a law firm.  Writing is something I never thought I could
do, my vast work experience is more in accounting and legal work dealing with figures and asset
allocation, but writing became a way to allow my mind to escape for short periods of time while
my body stayed anchored to care for two dying parents and ensuring that I could still provide a
warm and loving home to my children who agreed to be uprooted to help me care for their
Writing for me was born out of the necessity for some peace and relief during a draining and
guilt ridden time in my life. My three wonderful children and husband underwent the difficult
ordeal of uprooting our lives to care for my parents who were each dying of cancer.
Drastically altering our lives to ensure that the wonderful people who cared for me during
childhood and were giving and loving grandparents to their only grandchildren had their family
living with them and caring for their daily needs during the three years of their waning lives
when cancer ensured they could not take care of themselves, was both rewarding and heart
wrenching. The guilt of drastically changing the lives of my children and impairing their
freedom led to many a sleepless night and the birth of this series.
The process started truly as a complete surprise.  Speaking to a client who had gone through a
similar experience that we were in the midst of, she suggested that a way to deal the warring
emotions would be to sit at the computer and write them down, especially when you can’t really
talk to those closest to you because they are experiencing the tough time and need you to be
strong.  I did sit down, but then how do you complain about a situation that you chose to enter
into and were not mad about, you just felt guilty about not being there for everyone 100%
because so many people needed you.  Sitting there, staring at the screen my mind suddenly
drifted toward the road that became an escape route in my prologue.  My fingers began flying
across the keyboard, but truly, I wasn’t reading the words, I was describing the images that
began forming in my head.  The next evening, when everyone was asleep, I opened the computer
and was absolutely shocked at what was before me.  I’m not saying that it was perfect, still isn’t,
but for a numbers person, I was truly astonished that anything, even somewhat creative came
from me.  As I got to the end of the writing, the pictures began forming again.  I could see what
happened next and my fingers began flying once more.  Now that it has started, the process is
always rattling around somewhere in my mind, no matter what else I am doing, I have the
pockets of paper with jotted notes and written sections of chapters to prove it.
The series born from this was Secrets of Sanctuary Hospital, five books released for free through
smashwords.com with a note to reader if they like the books to please give what they would have
paid for same to a local charity. (The second book is listed for a price and can be added to
smashwords library for free because there was a school I wanted to donate to or have people
donate to their local school, but felt it inappropriate to list a school name.)

This next series that starts with Dominated by Duplicitous Desires is an erotic series. The
original spark came a very nice rejection by a publisher who said she would love to reconsider
my first book if I could just make the couple steamier. One night, as it niggled at me and I was
new to the reading of Fifty Shades and Crossfire, I decided to take one scene of my couple and
see what I could do. When I woke in the morning, I realized since it didn't comport with my
intent for that series, I had to stick to my original plan.
My intent with this story is to give you a mystery with flare and to give life to the character I
killed off in my previous series, but could not let go of. He was dark, but in the end, there was
just something about him, something that I could not let die. Nicholas in this book is a version of
my Nicholas in the previous book but with sides that he could not indulge in or have in the
previous series. He is not perfect by any means, but none of us are. He is real, he deals with his
inner demons and as his life entwines with Ann’s he emerges as the flawed protector who wants
to save her but whose past can also hurt her.
If the reader enjoyed the story, please pass the title on to a friend. As an indie author, word of
mouth is key. As a computer inept indie author who still fights with the internet and curses at it
often as I download another virus, the readers word of mouth or posted review would save me
hours with the Geeks having them remove yet another virus. Thank you.
Presently working on:
Editing book two in the series, tentatively named Captivated by Duplicitous Desires and am also
attempting to write a mystery/romance in the third person because my son believes it gives a
better perspective.

Tips for writers:
Writing is intensely personal.  It can take you anywhere, allow you to do anything, and provide a
creative outlet that is not destructive to yourself or others when dealing with issues you feel are
challenging and sometimes more than you can handle.  Write first and foremost for yourself and
see where it takes you.  If you want to publish, do so.  Don’t let anyone else’s opinion take your
gift away from you.  Not every writing style appeals to everyone, some people will hate it, others
will love, and still others may mock it so keep trying until you find the person who will help you
get to where you want to go or you yourself get you there.  Don’t let rejection close off your
opportunity to grow as a person through your writing.  Every rejection is someone’s opinion only
and usually we can learn something from it, improve as we move forward and get stronger
because of it.

My website:
My blog:
SanctuaryBook  http://sanctuarybook.wordpress.com
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