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I couldn’t stop myself. I couldn’t help myself. Being late to the Fifty Shades of Grey party, by the time I learned of these fabulous books, all three were out and I indulged staying up until the sun began to rise, and I had to care for my family and go to work. Reading them quickly and moving to Sylvia Day’s Crossfire series to fill the void that finishing E.L. James trilogy left in my evenings, I quickly learned that sleep was overrated and reading in the peace of the evening was so beneficial.  While awaiting Ms. Day’s fourth installment, not yet having a kindle, nook, or tablet and being absolutely abominable with the internet, to the point where I could not download books to read on the computer without also ensuring that my laptop got a virus or some vicious malware that would keep the Geek Squad working for hours, I had to find a new avenue to quench my thirst for such stories. Being the middle of the night and without a bookstore, I shifted away from the final installment in a series that I was in the process of publishing and began writing a fan fiction, hoping to merge my two favorite dark and dangerous characters of Fifty Shades and Bared to You into a dark character with secrets that would soon embroil him in a mystery that would bring the woman who would change his life forever falling at his feet.
Unable to figure out how to post the fan fiction and after giving my husband a heart attack over what
my newest hobby included, the story grew and grew and now it is available to you. 

Placing the tea before him, his eyes gleam wickedly. “Tell me you are participating in the auction.”

“No, I have some really sexy women and muscular men on board though. I don’t need to mar the

I hear an “ugh” escape his lips as he stands quickly. Before I know it, he is upon me, grasping my wrist and hauling me towards his bedroom. My heart crashes against my ribs. I’m breathless as he drags me to the closet door and swings it open. His hand rips at the wrapping of something tall before me. His voice is ragged at my ear as the falling paper reveals a full length brass embroidered framed beveled mirror. “I was going to save this for a house warming present, but this revelation can’t wait.” I try to turn, but he steps into my back and wraps an arm tightly around my waist. As my head begins to drop, not wanting to look at myself, his free hand grasps my chin, forcing it upward with suppressed violence.
“Look at yourself” he commands, but as I look up, my stare catches his resplendent features, his eyes
bore into mine, filled with determination. “Look at yourself” he commands again and moves his hand, sweeping my long inky hair to one side and then running his fingertips from my temple ever so slowly down my cheek, gliding over my pulsing carotid artery. Caressing my neck, his eyes and voice soften.
“Ann please, you need to see what I see. Look at yourself, your blushing and you are beautiful.”

His hand moves again to my temple and his breath tickles my ear as he rasps softly. “Your eyes are the color of twilight signaling the end of a busy day while smoldering with the promise of a tumultuous and passionate night. His thumb caresses my cheeks. “They are so soft, yet burn with an inexperience that calls to even the hungriest part of a man to be gentle and loving. His thumb glides across my lips. “They are pale but lush and filled with the promise of even a tender caress igniting a man’s passion, desire, a want that only your kiss could satisfy.” My eyes tear from my lips and I glimpse the heat and lust in his eyes. His words ignite embers of desire within me that burst into flames. I want to turn, to take the lips of the man whose words are stacking boulders before the entrance of my cave of self-loathing and doubt, but his hold is unyielding. His free hand moves to the hem of my oversized sweatshirt as the hand around my waist picks at the other end, lifting it over my head. I am standing naked from the waist up as his arm once again circles my waist holding me tightly to his solid frame. I swallow hard as my cheeks turn crimson. I feel as if I will combust despite my lack of attire.

Nicholas’ free hand glides from my waist, up my torso caressing the side of my breast. “Perfect” He
hums. “You should be in satins, your skin soft as silk. He nuzzles my neck and a lightning bolt of need rumbles through me. I turn breaking his hold, slipping my fingers under his t-shirt, my hands skim up his marble torso, around his strong back, stretching up, straining against his ribbed abdomen, lifting my lips, he bends and claims mine, soft at first, but growing insistent as my hands drop to his hem and I strain to pull up his shirt, to feel him against me. He leans his upper body away from me slightly allowing his shirt to rise, never breaking contact with my lips until he swiftly moves, removing his shirt and crushing me to his bare chest. The light smattering of his hair tickles my nipples. His hands grasp the back of my thighs, lifting me. Wrapping my legs around his lean waist, he moves backward and crawls slowly up the bed.
Kneeling, his muscles ripple under my greedy hands as he pulls the duvet down while still holding me to him tightly. The cool sheets offer no relief to my inflamed body which craves only to be closer. His kiss is forceful. He parts my lips invading my mouth, feeding my starving desires, awakening the beast within me with the beast in him. My hands claw his back, pulling him closer, wanting to crawl inside him as a passion which I never imagined could exist but now crave more than air to breathe consumes me. A vortex rumbles my inner core, building.

My hands slip beneath the waistband of his sweats, grabbing his flexing buttocks. He gasps at my
boldness and his lips glide down my neck, suckling it softly before his tongue traces a nipple of my
aching breasts. Drawing one into his mouth, his left fingertips brush slowly over my right breast before tugging the nipple, his teasing tongue and kneading hand nurtures the twister within me. My head falls back and my hips buck up as I climax with the eruption of an active volcano, complete with lava engulfing every cell of my being. As I return from somewhere between the heavens and this plane, my greedy hands push down his waistband and grasp his heated erection. His length is solid as steel and I feel the beads of his excitement as I run my fingers over his crown and down his impressive member.
My mind is scattered, all reason is lost. All I want is to feel him inside me, possessing me, filling me.
Bucking my hips up to him and gliding my covered sex against him, his labored breathing is at my ear and his voice is barely a rasped whisper. “Are you sure about this?”

“I am and I am on the pill.” Heated blood pulses through me, my heart pounds in my chest, and the
desperate need to have him inside me renders me unable to say more. As his eyes inquire once more, I nod. His lips and teeth clatter with mine before claiming me. He moves so his pants are no longer at his knees and removes mine before straining to reach into a draw, ensuring his stare never leaves mine.
Removing a condom, I grasp his hand and break free from his lips. Despite my being on the pill, Barrett always wore a condom to block our most intimate contact, stop our connection. Tonight, I want that connection, need it, can’t live one more minute without it. “Please don’t”

In that moment, his eyes register an understanding of my need to feel connected to him on the most
intimate of levels. He drops the package to the floor, his palms cradle my face and his stare intensifies. “I want to feel our connection too, to feel you, to be with only you.” His tone holds nothing but sincerity and in that instant I melt.

Positioning himself just above me, he gently glides my legs apart with his knee, sliding his erection
toward my opening.

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