LAA Law Day 3

Answers to Questions:

How do you deal with writer’s block?
   I will sometimes put the story aside and do something else, like enjoy someone else's great
story. Stepping into their world for a while releases my own block and then I can go back to my
own, start reading it again and thankfully, so far the story usually continue. I hope this helps,
there are so many good stories out there, stepping into someone else's world for a while can
really relieve stress in your own. Good luck

What’s the best thing about being a writer?
I don't really consider myself one. I know that sounds strange, but the whole writing experience
started out more as a form of therapy. My family was dealing with taking care of loved ones who
had grave health issues and the situation caused me to work out a deal with my boss to work
mainly at home so I could care for them. A client told me if I got frustrated to write out the
frustration, but when I opened the computer to do that, I just couldn't complain. I made the
choice I could live with and wanted to make sure I did the right thing, Instead, when I put my
keys to the keyboard, I saw the road in my first book and writing became a wonderful escape
from the four walls of the home that bound me. It is the absolute best and if I can share it with
others, all the better. Happy reading and good health.

What’s your advice for aspiring writers?
Write because you love the creation which is forming in your head and share it with others. Even
if you don't make money from it, if it helps relieve someone's stress, gives them a smile or
brightens their day, you have not only succeeded in giving yourself a gift of enjoying to write,
but you succeeded in giving something of yourself to someone else and sometimes, that is
everything to them. Writing is intensely personal.  It can take you anywhere, allow you to do
anything, and provide a creative outlet that is not destructive to yourself or others when dealing
with issues you feel are challenging and sometimes more than you can handle.  Write first and
foremost for yourself and see where it takes you.  If you want to publish, do so.  Don’t let anyone
else’s opinion take your gift away from you.  Not every writing style appeals to everyone, some
people will hate it, others will love, and still others may mock it so keep trying until you find the
person who will help you get to where you want to go or you yourself get you there.  Don’t let
rejection close off your opportunity to grow as a person through your writing.  Every rejection is
someone’s opinion only and usually we can learn something from it, improve as we move
forward and get stronger because of it.

What are you currently working on?
I am trying to edit the second book in my present erotic romance series which has a working title
of Captivated by Duplicitous Desire where secrets of Nicholas and Stephan are revealed, lines
are drawn and a hidden danger emerges from the shadows to threaten Ann. I am also trying to
work out thoughts on a third person writing style, my son says he enjoys reading third person and
would love to see me try to expand my abilities, not that I will ever let him at his age, read what I
write in this new endeavor or this current series. For now, he has to stick to the Sanctuary series -
G rated. The third person storyline involves a billionaire businessman who has fought to shed all
aspects of his dark past only to run right into the woman who could bring it crashing down
around him. Directly at odds for one of the most coveted business deals, will their interaction
spark attraction or will it reveal their connection which led her to a solidary existence despite
being part of a close knit family because of the secret she could never share and shaped him into
the dark and dangerous predator?

 How did you get inspired to write?
Writing is the best form of therapy, it's free, non-threatening, not destructive and keeps me from
falling into pitfalls like overeating. When I really need inspiration, I love to take a drive up to
Maine, the scenery there is so beautiful, so serene and gives me such a feeling of peace that
words just start to form in my head and it is one of the best feeling in the world.

Idea for most recent book:
The original spark came a very nice rejection by a publisher who said she would love to
reconsider my first book if I could just make the couple steamier. One night, as it niggled at me
and I was new to the reading of Fifty Shades and Crossfire, I decided to take one scene of my
couple and see what I could do. When I woke in the morning, I realized since it didn't comport
with my intent for that series, I had to stick to my original plan. That series was to be a gift for
others so it had to stay neutral, but then the next evening, I couldn’t stop myself. I couldn’t help
myself. Being late to the Fifty Shades of Grey party, by the time I learned of these fabulous
books, all three were out and I indulged staying up until the sun began to rise, and I had to care
for my family and go to work. Reading them quickly and moving to Sylvia Day’s Crossfire
series to fill the void that finishing E.L. James trilogy left in my evenings, I quickly learned that
sleep was overrated and reading in the peace of the evening was so beneficial. While awaiting
Ms. Day’s fourth installment, not yet having a kindle, nook, or tablet and being absolutely
abominable with the internet, to the point where I could not download books to read on the
computer without also ensuring that my laptop got a virus or some vicious malware that would
keep the Geek Squad working for hours, I had to find a new avenue to quench my thirst for such
stories. Being the middle of the night and without a bookstore, I shifted away from the final
installment in a series that I was in the process of publishing and began writing a fan fiction,
hoping to merge my two favorite dark and dangerous characters of Fifty Shades and Bared to
You into a dark character with secrets that would soon embroil him in a mystery that would
bring the woman who would change his life forever falling at his feet. Unable to figure out how
to post the fan fiction, the story grew and grew and now it is available to you.

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