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I’m giving away a free story to celebrate the one-year anniversary of my Jo
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Branwyn O’Tyre is convinced her estranged brother plans to arrest her for
witchcraft, so she drinks a protection potion before he arrives. A Viking sea
captain, living under a curse, witnesses her magic and offers her an escape if
only she will help him. The hitch? If she fails, Branwyn's heart will be his forever.


Branwyn drew a shaky breath and smoothed her dusty green gown. “Byron,
my lord brother. How good to see you.”
Snapping dark eyes beneath a cap of black wavy hair raked over her. From
his high frowning forehead to his patrician nose, the man was too sinfully
handsome to be so heartless. “Behold the accused. Arrest this cursed woman at
Two of the knights separated themselves from the group and rushed forward.
Alas, the one on the left slipped on a puddle of ale and crashed into his comrade.
Their helmets collided with a dull clanking sound that made Branwyn wince. Then
they crumpled to the floor.
The Viking stranger emitted a muffled guffaw and appraised her carefully.
“Methinks I can guess the nature of the potion now. Come, lass. ’Tis getting late.
We’d best be on our way.” The rogue actually crooked an arm at her as if
preparing for a stroll in the park.
Branwyn could only gape.
With a sigh of resignation, he reached down to clasp her hand and drew it
through his arm. She gasped as a powerful awareness sizzled through her.
‘Twas sharp and immediate, stopping just sort of pain. Branwyn’s shocked gaze
locked with the stranger’s. When the clarity of his blue gaze took on a slightly
dazed sheen, she realized he felt it, too.
Lord help her, but she was instantly drawn to his scent — a mixture of smoke
and salt and mystery — as well as his strength. The pulse of his heart, the hum
of blood through his veins, the aura of power and danger surrounding him. The
air around them fairly crackled with the potency of their contact as skin brushed
over skin.
Alarmed, Branwyn tried to tug her hand free, but the stranger clamped his
arm tighter to his side, imprisoning her. She nearly cried out from the sensations
flooding her. Light. Heat. Joy.
“Pray forgive the liberties I take with ye, lass,” he muttered in her ear. His
breath on her lobe brought her just shy of the point of collapsing. “I will explain as
soon as we are clear of this arse.” He steered her towards the door.
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  1. Thanks so much for the shout out about my free Viking novella to my newsletter subscribers!

  2. Thanks so much for the shout out about my free Viking novella to newsletter subscribers.
    Happy reading!


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