Review of Wicked Cravings by Suzanne Wright

Wicked Cravings Book 2

Jamie and her brother are new to the Phoenix Pack.. Jamie wants to make sure her brother is safe before she loses it. After a traumatic experience, her wolf is not stable. As a wolf shifter, you live as one but with 2 natures. If one takes over the other, someone can get hurt if not killed. So Jamie keeps her wolf under tight control, NEVER letting her out and always fighting to keep her contained. Her wolf is getting stronger and harder to control. Jamie knows that her wolf is just trying to protect Jamie, but also knows it could make her wolf go feral, which would end her life. She would have to be put down before someone was hurt or more than likely killed. The only one who knows part of the battle she faces is her brother, and to protect her, he keeps the secret.

Dante, the beta and workaholic of the pack, doesn't rest. He is the best at what he does, keeping his pack and alpha safe. With the Alpha pair expecting their 1st child, tension is high. Now with a few new members joining the pack he needs to make sure they are safe and that he can trust them. Jamie, he remembers from the old pack. She was the little girl, who would follow him around as a teen. Now all grown up, he sees the woman she has become. He is extremely attracted to her, but love has scared him once, and he has no intention on trying for a 2nd time. He will save himself for his life mate and until that time, no one will get in his way, no matter the attraction.

Jamie has loved Dante from afar since she was a child. She isn't a child anymore! She wants to just stay out of his way but her attraction to him is hard to resist. Her problem with her wolf could make her a threat to the alpha family and bring more than trouble to her new pack. Is Jamie strong enough to keep her wolf at bay and make her brother safe? Is Dante strong enough to stay away from the pull toward Jamie? Or will Jamie have to be put down like a feral, she fears she is becoming?

I read a lot of shifter, werewolves, paranormal books, but Suzanne's are different. Feral sins my 1st book I read from this author, was one of my favorite books. I have been waiting for a LONG time for this book. I could not put it down. The story between Dante & Jamie is intoxicating. You fall in love with characters and the plight of these 2 people. Who you know, if they just let down their guard for a minute, all would be OK. But as the story unfolds, you get pulled into the workings of the pack and see what both have to do and the problems they have to face. This book made me laugh ( I LOVE GRETA, the mean old Bitch she is). shed tears and even yelled at the book when I thought something bad was going to happen. I truly hope Suzanne keeps up this series because this is one fan who wants more!
My review of book 1 Feral sins can be found here  http://juliesbookreview.blogspot.com/2012/05/suzanne-wright.html

below in the comments are reviews of 2 other stories by  Suzanne Wright. I am telling she is one tow watch!

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  1. I loved Feral Sins and didn't know there were more books planned. Definitely plan on getting this and any other books in the series.


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