Review for Loving Sarah by Julie Shelton

Loving Sarah
by  Julie Shelton 

  It's been 8 long years since Jesse has seen Sarah Marshall, when he left to make something of himself. Now he is a retired Navy Seal and wants nothing more than to have Sarah.  Preferably bound, naked and under his command. 

   Sarah has never gotten over the man.  He might have left 8 years ago but he has been present in her 
fantasies and nightly dreams that have gotten increasingly exotic over the years.  She decides to give in to him and give their relationship another try.  When getting to know him again, she discovers a new side to his world.  The world of BDSM.  And when she meets his best friend, Adam, she has the challenge of submitting to two dominant alpha males. But there is a bigger challenge for them all.  Someone is stalking Sarah.  Someone who wants to hurt her and destroy their new found happiness.  Can Jesse and Adam protect her?  

REVIEW:  Such a good book.  I was caught up in the lives of these characters from the beginning.  I 
loved the two guys.  They were strong without being overwhelming.  Although they are both dominants, the author gave them deep loving feelings toward Sarah.  I felt so tied to the emotions of them all that it was like they were people I knew and I really cared what happened with them all.  It was a great story with some very sexy, steamy scenes.  A great read :)

Theresa F

5 of 5 stars
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  1. This is the story of Sarah Marshall raised on the family estate by nannies and tutors who first meets Jesse Colter, who considers himself trailer trash, aged 13 and never finds another man who can live up to him. Jesse moves away for the small town they live in, joins the Navy but eventually returns as the new Chief of Police to find Sarah. Now Jesse just has to see if Sarah can cope with the fact that he is a Dom and when will either of them find out that Jesse's best friend, fellow SEAL and fellow Dom Adam is also in love with Sarah!

    At the beginning this book confused me as it kept jumping into the past and switching perspectives from Sarah to Jesse and as such the story seemed to take forever to get going. Overall it was quite entertaining there was a lot of sex (LOTS) but there was also a story which was good as this book is a reasonable length so you do have time to get to know people. I particularly liked the other members of the SEAL team and as there may have been a hint at a book two I hope we see more of them! Sarah discovers she is a natural submissive and Adam gets involved too, some of things they do seemed a bit .. much... Sarah goes from a very independent woman and apparently excellent attorney to kind of sex slave in the blink of an eye and the introduction of Adam to the relationship goes a bit too well. The biggest problem I had was that once or twice the descriptions during the sex scenes got a bit cheesy and made me laugh not in a good way, and lets face it no one likes uncontrollable laughter during sex!

    Overall I would give this 3.5 out of 5 stars


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