Review of Her Warrior's Three Wishes by Carrie Ann Ryan

Her Warrior's Three Wishes (Book 2 of  Dante's Circle)

When lightening struck the bar where Jamie and her friends frequented, she never new how much life would change.

Humans have diluted the gene pool and all the different races have interbred, until humans have forgotten most of these races ever even existed. So when the lightening struck the bar, something magical happened and awakens DNA in the women that were at the bar. Jamie's best friend had brownie DNA and is now a brownie. When she had found her true love Dante, it awoken what ever was inside her. Now Jamie has met Ambrose, Dantes' best friend and fellow angle. She feels the connection between them and knows that something major is about to change and it is out of her control.

Ambrose, had a life. He had a wife he loved and children.  Now thousands of years old and his family killed long ago, he comes across a human named Jamie. He knows she is his, the one he is destined for. But with conflicted emotions, he leaves for a while, with "Angel business". He doesn't understand that Jamie suffers from his absence and changes are happening in the world where both will have to rely on one another. A Evil is about to attack and comes from Ambrose's past. The only problem is something is still missing. A connection that has to be found.

Balin Drake's days are numbered. He is at the end of his time and his father can't wait. Unable to kill him because of demon law, Balin has been a disgrace to demon kind. So while waiting for his son to die, the demon goes on as planed..destroy Ambrose. Kidnapping Jamie, he knows it will bring the Angel to him. Balin has done what most demons can't, he has never taken a soul. This is good for his soul but is ending his life. Unless he finds his life mate, he is about to die.

This is a series you can really sink your teeth into. A story that weaves through until the 3 finally find each other. Then the chemistry becomes scorching. I recommend that you read book 1 before book 2. It will make more sense if you know the history. You also learn a little about Ambrose and Jamie in book 1. I can honestly say Balin is one of my favorite characters. All are willing to fight for what they believe in but Balin was so close to death that I think he truly embraces his life with the 2. Also finding his mates just confirms his decision to not take souls was the right decision. Makes him value his decision even more. I also loved that Jamie is a kick butt warrior herself, soft and loving but can kick butt like her men! Awesome read, can't wait till the next one comes out. Very good series and author.  I highly recommend! ADULT CONTENT M/M/F menage  Thanks for the great read Carrie!
Book one Dante's Circle's review of Dust of my Wings can be found here on Julies Book Review! http://juliesbookreview.blogspot.com/2012/07/carrie-ann-ryan_24.html

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