Review of Jessica's Wolves by Becca Jameson

Jessica's Wolves

Jessica at 10 years old watched her parents be murdered. The neighbor walking by was the only thing that stopped the men from killing her as well. Living in the foster care system and knowing you are different from the people around you, made her hide what and who she truly is, a werewolf. Her parents had told her that female wolves can not shape shift until they have mated. Seeing her parents getting killed in wolf form, did not make her want to run into any wolves. Jessica just wanted to live as a human and be a teacher like her two best friends. So when her friends fall into menage relationships with wolves, Jessica wants to run and disappear. But these women have been her only true friends she has ever had. Even though she knows the men, know she is a wolf, none of them have said a word to her friends. As a baby shower comes to the women, Jessica knows she  needs to tell her friends or leave forever.

Charles and Reese, best friend, have been out sowing there wild oats. Everyone in the Masters family have suspected they have been sharing women. They are on there way back home, when a woman approaches them. She wants them to pretend to be her boyfriend and get her out of the area. Although neither man is attract to the young woman, they know she is in danger. So they take her home with them.

Jessica teaching her young students, has a couple of sick kids. One is a Masters kid. Jessica calls the family and she knows someone is coming to pick up the kid. Charles and Reese go to pick up their niece from school. Arriving there, they find a sick little girl and their mate. Jessica, being a wolf scents them as well as they do her. She wants nothing to do with wolves, ex specially 2 of them, but she knows they are her mates. Charles and Reese, know she is going to run. Now that they have found their mate, they have to convince her to stay and give the guys a chance, but what are they going do with the Alyssa?

Being a wolf herself, gives a different perspective on the mating situation. Jessica knows, two men are her mates, she just doesn't want to be able to shift. The trauma from loosing her parents they way she does, scares her to death. Not waiting the men doesn't stop the drive to mate though. I loved the conflict of her nature and her mind!  Will her body and brain ever agree? And who is this mystery woman they have brought home? This was a really good book. You should read them in order. Each story reveals a little more about the family and these women. Each are strong and get not one great guy but 2. You really do fall for the masters family. Can't wait to  read Alyssa's story.

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