More with Eva LeNoir Message From Nash from Bloodweight (Character Post)

Bloodweight --As a young independent vampire, Ellen Banks takes the ring, and all eyes are on her. The lithe rebel has worked hard to get to this one moment in her less-than-stellar life. No one will stand in her way of that championship belt, especially not the powerful and impossibly salacious Nash Stanford. If only her traitorous body’s reaction would shut the hell up. Nash Stanford, Vampire Sire of the East Coast, has been biding his time. He is a shrewd businessman and knows a good investment when he sees one. But when he looks at the incredibly sexy Ellen Banks, there is more than just money on his mind. Will she agree to work for him? More importantly, will she finally give into the hunger building between them?

Message from  Nash Stanford.Character Post

Good evening ladies and gents. My beloved mate, Ellen, was to be the guest tonight but after careful consideration I, well we, decided that her…colorful language may not be appropriate. I do hope you won’t mind my intrusion. Let’s see, where to begin. Ah, yes, Ellen Banks.
The first time I met the little firecracker, she was standing on the other side of my office desk with her proud chin lifted and her captivating green eyes boring holes onto me. To say she hated me would be an understatement. Yet, the unmistakable scent of her arousal was always lingering when we found
ourselves in the same room. Remember, there is a fine line between love and hate, Ellen was walking that line with the risk of falling into the void.
Now, kitten, don’t look at me like that. You know it’s true.
Now, where was I? Oh, yes. Freefalling. I am the owner of an underground kickboxing arena and, you see, making money from bets is my business. I know a rising star when I see one and Ellen was it. That rare pearl that had been prisoner of her own oyster. I wanted her to sign on with us. I wanted to be the one to own her in that ring. I wanted to make a fortune as she rose to the top.
Stop snorting, love, it’s unbecoming. And keep your punching for the ring. I am not your personal bag.
Of course, you see, Ellen being the independent, fiery female she is, refused to sign any type of contract. She refused to be owned. And still to this day, she is a…how could we call you, kitten? A free lancer? A stubborn, freelancer. Yes, I like that.
What happened after her victory still has my blood boiling so, I’ll let you read the story rather than tell you.
Ladies, gents, always a pleasure. Enjoy the rest of your night.
Come, my love, I believe we have business to attend to. I knew you would not be able to stay quiet while I spoke. I win. Time for you to pay up.

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