Review of the Coming Storm by Valerie Douglas

The Coming Storm (The Coming Storm #1) by Valerie Douglas

Elon is an Elf and Adviser to the High King.  He helped Men and Dwarves to work together even on the now shaky ground, as things are happening that are very dark.  He has a small close group of friends made up of Colath an Elf, Jalila also an Elf, and Jareth a Wizard.  Each of them has an important part to play in helping Elon find what this dark is.  Animals that are not supposed to be in the lands are coming in and some are even working together.  This is the first that will alert many that Darkness is coming.  Elon and his small group must fight off the beast and go to each Kingdom to alert the Kings also to see if they have had any problems with these beast.   At one such kingdom Riverford, things are not as they seem, The King is acting strange, and the new adviser is strange. The Princess of Riverford  is having problems of her own.  Ailith has been trained in all aspects to run her Kingdom, yet with the new adviser and her Father and Mother acting strange she must tread carefully.  When Elon and his group of friends leave, she over hears her father and his adviser talking about sending beast to kill this small group.  With thoughts of only to save them she risk her very life to warn them.  This starts a life time of friendship.  Soon Ailith becomes part of this group now known as The 5.   It is up to them to rally support, to help their fellow man.  Not always knowing who to trust leads them into some very tricky spots.

I SO LOVED THIS BOOK!!  If I could give it a Ten I would!  This book reminds me of Lord of The Rings , but so much better!! This book would make an awesome movie that would rival the other and I am sure leave it in the dust.  You have Elf, Dwarves,Wizards, Dark Magic, White Magic Friendship that is tested and made even stronger.  Fight scenes that I read twice just because they were so well written!  Romance written so beautifully it leaves you with tears in your eyes.  Every part of this book goes into such detail that you are drawn right into each scene and picturing every detail! I can not wait to read Book 2 in this series.  I cried at the end well last few chapters really, my heart stings were pulled for all of them. I put this book down and was so sorry to do that. I had to reread it I had no choice!

I Highly Recommend this book to everyone  it has everything any reader could ever want!


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