Review of Alyssa's Wolves by Becca Jameson

Alyssa's Wolves( book 4)

Alyssa is from a screwed up pack. At 18 years old, the girls are married off to men with multiple wives. The alpha arranges the marriages and it is law. Alyssa has just turned 18. She is to be married to a 65 yr old man with 3 other wives. She is disgusted but knows if she leaves, she can never come back. Leaving her family and her pack behind, she runs.  She finds a diner and sees 2 men. She can scent they are wolves. She is willing to do ANYTHING to get them to take her with them.

When the 2 men find their mate(book 3), Alyssa knows she can't stand in their way of happiness. But when her old pack come to reclaim her, Michael stands up for her. Being the youngest Master at 20 yrs old, he knows only one thing for sure, this young girl is his mate. Giving her one very good kiss (her 1st), was heaven and hell. After the danger has past. Michael knows, if he stays around he will claim her. But she is so young. He gives her the time she needs to grow and mature into a healthy adult. He will leave her, and it will be the hardest thing he will ever do.

Tyler is from Alyssa's old pack. Mission: to find out if she is truly mated to Michael. After watching her, and not seeing Michael anywhere. He knows 2 things, 1 she is not mated to Michael and 2. she is the happiest he has ever seen her. He has always been drawn to her, even as a little boy. He also knows she was intended for the Alpha's brother. He will not let her fall into that man's hands again. He will lie to his Alpha.  When he gets a little too close he realises she is his mate. Shocked a plan starts to form. He runs away, only to know he will be back for her.

Alyssa, growing into her own, only has one kiss to remember Michael with. A night out with the girls, brings a new scent to her nose. As a wolf herself, she knows she has just scented her mate.  But why has he run from her. Is she that ugly? or unattractive?  With her self esteem shattered the women of the pack step into action.

This is a story of a young girl, running from a pack. No one leaves their pack, so says the Alpha. But with a target on her back and 2 men thinking she is their mate,  it creates all kinds of drama and sexy situations with hot Alpha men!! Very sweet read. You get to see a young girl become a women and grow to love two amazing men. Alyssa is open to the possibilities they create but are the men ope to sharing her? All kinds of drama in this one but a wonderful story!


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