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Welcome to Julies Book Review! Cynthia Woolf is visiting JBR today! They are giving away a $5 Starbucks card to one winner and a copy of Capital Bride to another on the rafflecopter to the right of the page. The giveaway will last all April long. So lots of GREAT items for a AWESOME giveaway! We are all very glad you came here to JBR. 

Can you tell us a little about your self? I come from a family of 4 children where I was the only girl. My mother was a librarian and became a single mom when I was five and my father died. She basically raised two family’s, as my older two brothers were both out of the house by the time I was eight. My little brother and I were left at home and became best friends, even though we fought sometimes like cats and dogs.
I started writing when I was ten and finished my first book toward publication in 2002. No publishing house wanted it so when it became possible to publish my own I did. That was Tame A Wild Heart and it’s one of my best sellers. 

What genres do you write? I write historical western romance and scifi romance.
As a reader I love all genres but my followers want to know what to except from your books. Action, adventure, romance, sex, magic?? My books always contain a little suspense, a villain and lots of romance and some sex. I’m a firm believer that romance contains sex and therefore so do my books. 

Who is your favorite character(s) from your books? Probably Rosie from Tame A Wild Bride, because she never gives up on her dreams or on Tom. 

What is your newest release? can you tell us a little about it? My newest release is Heiress Bride, book 2 in the Matchmaker & Co. series. It’s about two scarred people who find each other and love in 1870’s Golden,
Colorado. I grew up near Golden, went to school there and my first real job was working for the Chamber of Commerce in their tourist booth one summer. 

What about future projects? any hints? I’m currently working on the third in the Matchmaker & Co series, Fiery Bride. It is the story of the matchmaker and the man who turns out, unexpectedly, to be her match. 

Can you give aspiring authors any advice? Write, write, write. Learn your craft. Love your craft. Writing needs to be something you love. Readers can tell if you’ve stopped liking what you do. 

How about some "fun" personal stuff! I love to garden. I especially like to grow roses and the smellier they are the better. So many time roses don’t have scent any more. They’ve be bred to be beautiful but they’ve sacrificed the scent. So when we are looking for a new bush to add to the garden, the first thing we look for is one that has odor. 

What book have they read that touched you deeply? and why? (yours or someone elses) I’m not sure what book they would have read, so I don’t understand this question. If you mean what book I’ve read, I recently read The Lady’s Pleasure by Robin Schone. It is erotic, but Robin always manages to infuse her characters with so much emotion that it’s like nothing I’ve read before.

Favorite past time activity? Gardening, reading, watching movies, fishing
a favorite book or author you can recommend (not your own)?and WHY? I love Michele Callahan. Her science fiction is so refreshingly different. It’s romance and yet paranormal as well. She has a series called the
Timewalkers. The books out so far are Red Night and Silver Storm. Both are fantastic reads. Fast paced and highly energetic
Favorite place to travel to? I love Hawaii. I’ve been there half a dozen times and want to go again. We seriously thought to move there and live, but discovered that the high cost of living would have made it impossible to live there without working two jobs…each. So we decided it was better to just visit. 

What kind of music do you listen too? I like music with beat. Right now Grace Potter and the Nocturnals album, the Lion, the Beast and the Beat is my favorite. 

And finally where can we find your books?(please include any links you want including buy links) You can find all my books, on my website at www.cynthiawoolf.com.
Here are the specific links for Capital Bride. Amazon: http://amzn.com/B00AM3CNQ4 Barnes & Noble: http://bit.ly/UBnOpz Kobo: http://bit.ly/12kQNCu Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/263984 Apple: http://bit.ly/UaGnCM 

Well I know I learned a lot and have added to our TBR list. I hope you all have had fun as well as well. Thanks you again Cynthia for coming and talking with me here on JBR. I hope you had fun and I hope to see you again. Good Luck and wishing you lots of success! 

Julie Ramsey


  1. Oh, I do love those western historical romances where two people struggle emotionally as well as against the environment to build a life. Women had so few options during that time except to get married if they were going to survive.Good luck on your books. Looking forward to reading them.

  2. It's great to catch up with you, Cyndy. Life had to be hard for you as a kid. I can see how those early beginnings molded you into a writer. You need imagination and to be tough to withstand the crazy of being an author. I'm so glad you're out there excelling at both.

    Best success!

  3. Great interview, ladies!

    My, my, my, Cynthia, but you certainly are a busy writer. :) Best of luck with your sales!

  4. Wonderful interview, Cindy.
    I love how your first job seemed to spark a vein in your writing. Looking forward to meeting with you at RomCon!

  5. You're a class act, Cindy! Nice to learn more about you.


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