Sexy Christmas Special Nicole Morgan Excerpt of Entice Me!

Excerpt Entice Me


She had gotten home late, and Ariel and Andrew were already in bed. After knocking on their doors, she quickly told them goodnight, offering the excuse that she was tired and going to bed. The truth of the matter was she didn’t want her teenage children to see her hair a mess with the look of having had sex still plastered on her face.
Her night with Jace had been incredible. So much so that the entire rest of the evening she lingered between a daze induced by their lovemaking and the intense joy she felt from finally connecting to someone. All of her years of being a loyal and loving wife, she had no idea what she was missing.
She had loved Jonathon and was thankful for the two beautiful children they’d had together. Still she couldn’t help but feel a bit of remorse for all the years she had stayed in a marriage so blindly thinking she knew what love was when she never felt an ounce for him as what she was beginning to feel for Jace.
The phone rang, and she got up from her place at the kitchen table. Her body was sore in places that she had forgotten had muscles, causing her to walk a little slower than she normally would.
“Morning, beautiful. How’d you sleep last night?”
A smile spread across her face. “Jace.”
“Got it on the first try. Whew, and here I was worried you might have forgotten about me,” he teased.
“Right. Yeah, it took me a second, but the voice did sound familiar.”
He chuckled. “Good to know I leave such a strong impression.”
All she could do was smile. He was so charming and such a delight to be around that she couldn’t help but just get lost in the moment with him.
“Umm…You still there?”
“Sorry. I was just thinking.”
“Ahh…good thoughts, I hope.”
She laughed. “Very good thoughts.”
“Nice. Score one for Jace.”
She laughed. “So, what can I do for you?”
“Well, it is Friday. I was thinking maybe you and I could go away for a couple of days. You know, spend time with one another without me having to get you home before you turn into a pumpkin.”
“For anything to turn into a pumpkin, this would have to be a fairy tale,” she teased, thoroughly enjoying the easy banter that came so natural with him.
“Who says it’s not?”
“Oh, really? So, if this was a fairy tale, which princess would I be?”
“Well, that all depends on you, beautiful. Just pick your fairy tale, and I will become that Prince Charming and make all your dreams come true.”
She giggled and shook her head. “You are something else, Jace. Do you have a book of the sweetest things to say to sweep a woman off of her feet?”
“A book? Surely you jest. Would it be so hard to believe that I’m just that sweet?”
“Hmm…I suppose not. After all, you did sweep me off my feet last night. Literally.”
They both laughed at her innuendo. It was so easy to be herself with him. There was no pressure of trying to act a certain way or say the right things. It was just…right.
“In that case, I’m not leaving it up for debate. I’ll pick you up at seven. Pack light. Where we’re going you won’t be needing a lot of clothes.”
“Is that right? Well, maybe I’ll bring flannel pajamas and turtlenecks just to prove that you shouldn’t be too sure of yourself.”
“Okay, but then I’ll be forced to burn your suitcase.”
“Oh my goodness.” She laughed. “You are relentless.”
His voice became serious. “When it comes to getting what I want, I am very relentless. Listen, I gotta go, baby. I’ll see you tonight. Can’t wait to see you again.”
She heard the click of the phone but still just stood there for a moment allowing his words to sink in. Aside from his charm and wit, he was at times so sincere that it gave her reason to just slow down and listen to him intently. She turned to hang up the phone and wondered if it was even possible.
To believe in fairy tales meant she would have to believe in happily ever after. She long since gave up on those the moment she caught her husband with another woman. During the divorce and the time since then, she had resigned herself to the fact she would grow old alone. She had her children, and she had managed to convince herself that was all she needed.
Somehow though, in a matter of only a couple of days, Jace Walker had taken her potential for a life of solitude and all but thrown it out the window. She could analyze it and think of a list of reasons as to why she should just walk away before she got hurt. She just didn’t have it in her.
Dating Jace was fun and exciting. She was experiencing new things. For all intents and purposes, she was finally living. It hit her then that being a mother had its rewards, but for far too long she had lived for only her children. Now it was for her.
“Well, Alexis. It looks like you better take a long hot bath and get packed. Your Prince Charming will be here at seven with the carriage.”


  1. Nicole - this sounds like an excellent Christmas romance - happy endings are my thing:) AND, I love Prince Charmings;)
    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.
    kaydeeroyal at msn dot com

    Happy Holidays!!

  2. Emma Holly is all I remember right now I love her Books


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