SEXY CHRISTMAS REVIEW Club Ink Books 1-3 Doris O'Conor

Riding Her Tiger (Club Ink #1) M/F/M

Nathan is
Estelle boss and wowow is he hot.  She has wanted him since her first day of starting work for him,  yet he was married. Now Divorced,  Estelle wonders if she has a chance.  Her best friend signs her up at a Kinky BDSM  club.  She knows  Nathan is in to this, so what better way to learn to please or better yet entice her boss, then join.  But did she sign up for more then she can handle???

What a fun and very sexy story from the very first page this book was hot, as in SIZZLE.  I loved the way the BDSM was played out  and having 2 hot males to teach
Estelle was well,  Fanning Self!!!  Estelle is cast into 2 worlds she really knows nothing about and yet is very excepting to it all. Hmmm does that make her a good sub?????  I look forward to more from this author!! Lots more!!

4 Stars

Tiger Scars (Club Ink #2) M/F/M

Cherie ran from Ink who marked her without her permission.  She ran straight into a hunters cage. where she stayed for 5 long tortures years.  The Horrendous acts committed to her have scarred her physically and mentally.   Now 15 years later and she is back. Working as a Bartender at Ink's BDSM Club and working on being whole again.   Ink teaches sub's on the art of being a submissive.  He has never loved anyone  woman as much as Cherie. He waits and waits for her to come to him , he will no longer wait, now he must get Cherie to trust herself and him.

This is a very dark story line.  If you have trouble with Sexual Abuse this is not the book for you. (PTSD) WARNING.
Watching as Cherie with the help of Ink overcome her past was interesting at best. 

Foot Note: with the boys Nathan and Ink being Identical Twins , umm the covers should have had same guy,  Remember Estelle couldn't tell the difference.

3 Stars
Masks Of A Tiger (Club Ink #3)

Neeve doesn't understand why any normal person would choose to wear a collar, like a common house pet.  And boy is she verbal about it!!!!!!  Grisha hears her at the ceremony.  He is instantly enamored with her.  But fighting it with all it is worth.  He loans her his Jacket which she feels compelled to return in person.  She gets to see him in  training subs with FIRE.  The the Sparks really fly.

Grisha has fun in training Neeve in the submissive roll.  She is not an easy SUB.  Feisty and very outspoken!!  Grisha's Tiger knows best and he won't rest until this little human is theirs.  The Heat is on and rolls through the book.   Fast paced and a fun read! The playful fullness is entertaining.

4 Stars

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  1. The books look dark and good. I will definitel put on my TBR file.

    Merry Christmas to all!!!


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