Review of the Alien Abduction series(3 books) by Eve Langlais

Accidental Abduction

Megan is in deep trouble. She has just found out her boyfriend wants her dead. She knows this because he has pushed her off the boat they  were on. Now she is about to drown and knows it is just because she keeps picking the wrong guys. Understatement of the year. So when a bright light hovers above her and she starts to rise out of the water, she is confused and doesn't know if she is going to die or if she may  be dead already. Pulled onto an alien ship, she fights until she finally passes out on the deck. Tren, a mercenary, who now is into acquisitions, has just pulled on board what he thought were indigenous life from the barbarian planet Earth.  What he finds will change him and the possibly the galaxy forever.

Intentional Abduction

Aylia is a warrior. Adopted into a female dominated world. She has been trained to fight, kill and be the ultimate warrior. Her teacher has taught her well and now she is done and ready to start her own line of warriors. Not being able to procreate with the males of her adopted species, she is sent on a quest. A quest to get pregnant and then return home. What she finds is nothing like she has been trained for and the male she finds, doesn't know how to handle a warrior like Aylia either. Will the 2 be able to reach an agreement? Or will the her abducted change her mind about love, lust and procreation altogether?

Dual Abduction

Louisa is a teacher. She works at a home with orphans. Her girls, trouble some but she loves them none the less. So when they are run off the road and abducted by slave traders, she knows she has to ban the girls together and fight for their freedom. Brax and Xarn best friends, are hired for a job. They never new it would be so trouble some. They see Lousia and the fighting begins, who is gonna keep her? But what they don't get  is Lousia has a mind of her own. She fights her feeling tooth and nail. But soon they all come to the agreement that the girls have to be kept safe. When they crash land and go missing ,the hunt is on. But which will win her heart?


Eve Langlais never disappoints. Her books are always funny and have good sex scenes in them. All 3 books were good and worth the read. Read them in order. Intro to characters happens in order and you learn the dynamics of them as well. I will say, even though I enjoyed all 3, my favorite was Dual Abduction. I love the guys. They mean well and don't figure out how to do things till the very end. Louisa, is a lucky girl!  Worth the read. Just remember this is not a serious read. If you are looking for a serious romance ...these are not for you. If you are looking to laugh and read about women put into to situations where they just may have to get it on with a hunky purple alien....a must read!  Laughed through out!! Thanks for the great read Eve. Send me anything you want reviewed!

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