Review A Horse Called Trouble by C.K. Volnek

A Horse Called Trouble

A throwaway kid. A throwaway horse. Neither deserving of the title, but both thrown into the misnomer against their wills.

Tara is unwanted by her mother, deserted by her father, and the victim of a cruel plan to ruin her life. Trouble is a horse, tortured by a spoiled, self-centered girl—the same one who is out to destroy Tara’s future. Nothing is ever said as to why this girl has such hatred to both Tara and the horse; in the end, it doesn’t really matter.

But when Trouble meets Tara, and the two bond, it changes both of their lives. And in the end, Tara learns that she is in no way a throwaway child. In fact, she is better off than the privileged child who continually tries to take away her hopes and dreams.

What a wonderful picture Ms. Volnek draws for the reader in this book! It’s obvious from the start that she knows about the psychological workup of the foster child. The way she leads her protagonist, Tara, out of her shell and into the strong, confident young lady she becomes is truly magic. Not to say that there isn’t some holding back; Ms. Volnek makes it clear how hard it is to go from the mindset of “I’m not wanted” to “I am worth something” for those who know no other life than rejection.

The magic between Tara and the horses may seem a bit unreal to those uninitiated into the realm of people who struggle with self-esteem every day, but it is a candle of hope to the reader who has had to deal with it. Anyone who has had the heel of rejection ground into them in day-to-day living can relate to catching that one straw, that one glimmer of hope, that can lead to a life of happiness. It is a metaphor more than a reality, although I cannot attest to the bond that can happen between horse and human. Ms. Volnek definitely can, because she has experience with horses—and that comes through loud and clear. Her story is very easy to read, without being simplistic; the characters are very believable, and the story is seamless. I cheered at the ending. It was a little predictable, but made me happy nonetheless.

5 stars

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  1. Great review, Kathy. I do enjoy happy endings. Sounds like a book I'll soon read.


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