Sexy Christmas Excerpt by Cris Anson for Mercy and Redemption

Adult Excerpt from Mercy and Redemption
© by Cris Anson
All Rights Reserved, Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc.
He was right behind her and she bumped into him.
Whoa.” He lifted his arms, grabbed hold of her biceps and pulled her flush against his lean, hard body. “Just where I want you.”
“Adam,” she chided, “it’s time for you to go too.”
“In a minute.” His gaze dropped to her lips. “I’ve been wanting to taste you ever since I saw you striding down that hill like you owned the world.”
She wanted that too, but damn if she’d tell him that.
Slowly, inexorably, he lowered his head until his lips hovered a scant inch from hers. She could see the shards of gold in the green irises, could see his pupils dilate in desire. He circled her shoulders with one arm, slid the other down her hip to the curve of her ass. The heat of his palm all but branded her. The iron of his cock pressed into her belly.
She surrendered the last bit of half-hearted resistance and let herself fall into the kiss. Fireworks crackled behind her closed eyelids as he tightened his embrace and ground his pelvis into hers. Their mouths fused as though they were long-time lovers. It felt right to her, right to be kissing this man she’d just met.
He licked the seam of her mouth and she opened to him like a flower to the morning sun, accepting his foray with a hunger that surprised her. His taste, his smell, were as familiar to her as the back of her hand. She wanted more, she wanted skin on skin, wanted his cock inside her. A vision flashed on the edge of her consciousness, of Adam and her on rumpled linens that furnished their newly made iron bedstead, the fire in the hearth dispelling the sharp tang of winter snow outside, Adam thrusting into her with a pounding rhythm and herself urging him to go harder, faster, until he spent himself inside her with a deep groan.
Mercy came to herself with a shock. This was no dream. This was Adam Connelly, a man she’d just met, and she was kissing him with unprecedented ardor, juices dampening her panties as well as her jeans. Her breasts ached for his mouth. Her nipples were hard as walnuts.
“God, Mercy, you’re killing me,” he groaned, moving his lips to her jaw, her neck, taking erotic nips of her skin as he progressed downward. His hands fumbled to lift her T-shirt and he bent lower to capture one breast in his hot mouth, sucking through her bra to send bolts of electricity to her every nerve ending.
Her knees weakened but he pressed her against the solid oak door for stability as he kissed and nipped his way down her rib cage, her waist, fumbling at the snap of her jeans. Mindlessly she plunged her fingers through his thick, sun-streaked hair as he pulled down the tab on her zipper and yanked the denim fabric down to her knees to expose her silky white bikini panties.
His mouth latched on to her crotch through the fabric. She could smell her arousal and wondered if Adam noticed the copious amount of cream leaking from her slit. Lord, she wanted to spread her legs to accommodate him, but she was too lost in the sensations his tongue was creating against her clit to try to kick off her jeans. His fingers wrenched the silk panties aside, which allowed him to nip and lick and suck directly on her skin. The fire in his mouth, in his fingers, detonated small explosions throughout her body. He pressed against the hard, aching nubbin with his tongue, boldly thrust two fingers into her slick passage. The climax ripped through her, her eyes going blank, her knees buckling, her breath coming in jerky gasps.
Lazy moments later she opened her eyes and saw Adam still kneeling before her, a smug look on his handsome face. “You are so beautiful when you come,” he said in a hoarse voice, rising to his feet and trailing big hands up her thighs, her hips, her rib cage, skimming her chest, her neck. He rested those hands on her cheeks as his burning gaze captured her languorous one.
“Adam, you have to—”
“I think karma works, don’t you? I know, I know, you still have work to do tonight. That’s just a taste of what we can be like together. I can’t tell you how much I look forward to continuing our…discussion.”
Mercy simply looked at him, trying to gather her wits about her. He’d all but knocked her socks off. It was more than the dream. It had to be. She’d never responded with such alacrity to any man. She wanted more. Much more.
Then the dark-haired man insinuated himself into her thoughts. How did Seth fit in with what had just happened?
~ * ~

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