Review of Glimpses of Midnight: Decadence by Suzzana Ryan

Glimpses of Midnight: Decadence

Hell or a place that we would call Hell is just below the streets of were we all live. Sometimes the monsters there come up and play with the mortals. Cyrus is the ruler of this place. He is a vampire. His mate Alkmeme is a succubus. Together they have a daughter. They love each other but fight all the time. Some say, just to make up and to play their games. Being a succubus, makes Alkmeme have to leave and be with other men. So when Cyrus pisses her off enough, she leaves for a while. Cyrus gives her time to cool off then goes to look for her. The two have ruined lives more than once with there lovers games. This time is no different. Alkmeme has found a Angel. The Arch angel has fallen in love with a vain mortal named Emmy. When Alkmeme finds him his wings are white by the time she leaves they are black, he has fallen. Cyrus and Alkmeme use the lovers to get back at each other and in the process destroy the lovers lives. Will the arch angel be doomed to live in his own personal hell or find salvation in a place he has never dreamed?

This installment of the Glimpses of Midnight, gets you a front row seat to Cyrus and Alkmeme's action. The 2 do love each other and are soul mates but they don't care who they destroy in the fun and fights. Evan though they use who ever and what ever they want they actually show a angel his flaws in a round about way. This was a good book but will help if you read the others in the series, it will explain more. You will not get the big picture if you read this one on its own. So read the other in order. The scenes are pretty hot and Cyrus and Alkmeme are unstoppable as a couple and deadly to anyone that happens to cross either of their paths!!

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