Review of the Furry United Coalition(3 Books) by Eva Langlais

Book One: Bunny and the Bear

So if you want to protect a large mean and annoying grizzly bear, a Lawyer at that, from an unknown threat...the best choice is to obviously do it without his knowledge because he would just want to control and mess everything up. Fortunately, every one know that all you need to get a grizzly bear to follow your lead is a his honey pot, or in this case, Miranda. Chase's new neighbor Miranda is sexy and he can't think about anything but her and what he want to do with her ever since he laid eyes on her. Seems like she is more focused on torturing him than letting him get his hands on her though. Once the cat is out of the bag though and she saves him with her "bunny", can he accept her being a secret agent?

Book Two: Swan and the Bear
Manwhore of the office Mason has finally fallen hard for a woman, and she just shoots him down and laughs in his face every day. So being a super secret agent isn't all that impressive when the woman you are trying to impress is the computer genius Jessie that keeps the agency functioning. Hiding secrets, well, how about not knowing that she's a princess, much to her dismay. One tiny problem...someone tries to abduct them from the agency, and then really abducts them from Mason's place. Oh, and there is that problem of trying to get Jessie to love him back.

Book Three: Croc and the Fox
Finally!!! The secret liar of the maniac that keep attacking them is found. When Viktor and the other Furry United Coalition members get to the level where the experiment are held, they find people/animals that have been horribly disfigured and mutated from experiments. Even more shocking is the normal looking woman that doesn't seem to remember who she is and has been there so long that just the sight of the open sky terrifies her. Viktor is the biggest strongest warrior she sees and he makes her feel safe, so she is sticking to him...literally. NO matter how much Viktor tries to do the right thing, Renee has to teach Viktor that sometimes a woman has to follow what her heart.  And just because she's been a prisoner most of her life doesn't mean that she doesn't know anything, but you have to ask the right questions to get the right answers. By the way...what exactly did they do to her in that lab?

Four out of Five stars for the series.
Adult content Fast paced action comedy paranormal romance
I laughed out loud the first time I read each of these books and I still laugh out loud whenever I re-read them.
Jamie K

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