Tarah Scott

Hawk and the Cougar

Elizabeth or Liz, has a genius daughter. She is 17 and in grad school, but still only 17. So when she over hears a conversation about a cute teacher and how he would be perfect for someone, she assumes her daughter has gotten involved with her teacher. Mad as hell, she goes and sits in on the class with the teacher in question. She has to admit he is a hunk. Hawk looks up at his classroom and sees a gorgeous women. He has some people after him to claim a dig site is nothing unusually before they can be sure, to hurry on development of the land(lots of $$). The group wanting the land, has been sending Hawk sexy little girls to try to persuade him. He sees the beautiful woman and if she wasn't working for the enemy, she would totally be his type. After the class, he try's to ignore her. Liz is a mom on a mission. She doesn't care, he is handsome and built. She would get him to leave her little girl alone. Hawk, still assuming she is working for the enemy.  He pushes her up against the car and kisses her for all he is worth. Liz protests and threatens to press charges. Hawk starts to think maybe she isn't who he thinks she is. After Hawk figures out she is a students mom, 1. his interest in her is now renewed and 2. tells her she must have misheard her daughter. Just as Liz is starting to walk away, pissed as hell, a SUV comes barreling at her. Hawk gets her out of the way and the chase begins. Hawk has no idea why the SUV was after Liz but knows his problems have put Liz in danger. After a little clear up with her daughter, Liz now has to apologize to Hawk. At Hawk's archaeological dig site, he sees Liz approaching and the sparks fly between the two.

This is a contemporary romance. Hawk is a American Indian who likes his women a little older and really likes Liz. Liz is a 40's something insecure women and doesn't know Hawk is exactly what she needs. As the danger mounts, the connection builds. This is a short book but one that will curl your toes. The action is both fast in danger and between the two. The sex scenes are hot!  Great short read! My only issue is it leaves it a little open ended and I am not sure if it is for a sequel or just how Ms Scott ended the book! I guess we will have to wait and see! Thanks Tarah Scott for the great read, please keep me in mind for future reads!

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