Halloween Special The Cauldron Tales Review

There are 6 stories and 5 authors in this Halloween special.
Sonia Hightower
Lorraine Nelson
Chacelyn Pierce
Angelina Rain
Nikki Prince

All involove Witches, Magic and Love. I am doing this review a little different than most of my reviews, due to there are 5 stories. I don't want to give away too much because they are short but pretty awesome. All have some pretty sexy scenes. So I will give you some teasers and a couple quotes. I will say it was a really good book. Very sexy, awesome stories, even learned a new tale or too!!

So here are some blurbs or quotes from the book!


 I should be drowned, yet I am breathing. I should be dead, yet I am very much alive.
I never want this kiss to end.
And it didn’t. Her lover, the only lover she’d ever know, caressed her, bit her, nipped her,
seared her flesh. Under the dark recess of the pond, her dress burned away, disintegrating into
the sandy bottom. The water was cold, but her body was engulfed in invisible flames.
Claws scratched her, teeth broke her flesh, but there was no blood and no pain, only ecstasy.
With every touch, nip, scratch, she felt more vital. She’d never felt so alive in her life. Death was
embracing her, welcoming her, encouraging her through touch to leave all her problems behind.


“Damn you, Killen! What did you go and do that for? You’re a real dog.” Cindy Carmichael
stared in shock as her longtime friend turned into a shaggy-haired mutt right before her eyes.
Flesh became fur, his hands previously on the table became paws, and within seconds, he was
half his size, on all fours, complete with a tail. The dog gave a good shake, sending the blue
jeans and red T-shirt her human friend had been wearing into the armchair nearby. “Oh, no! Now
look what you made me do.” She stomped her foot and threw her hands in the air, totally
“Yeah, yeah, I know, but I haven’t a clue how to reverse it. By the way, in case you haven’t
figured it out, I’m a witch.”


Telling Maleen about her past wasn’t high on her list at the moment, but someone needed to
know why she’d be arrested or spelled to death in the middle of an intersection with no remorse.
“Well, I have an officer from the Department of Magick and Witchcraft after me.”
Maleen gasped and turned to her with magnified-wide eyes. Her glasses always blew them
up ten times their actual size. It had once been comical, but with Maleen looking at her with pity
and wariness, Willow couldn’t find a single thing amusing about her situation. “Child, what did
you do? Did you hex someone?”
“This is so frustrating, Maleen. It was college. I thought the hex didn’t work, and it’s been
six years. How was I to know he’d find my spell on him?” The hexing ordeal was a bittersweet
feeling. She’d actually produced a working complex spell in all her years of trying, but now it
was coming back to bite her in the ass.


 She couldn’t believe her eyes.
What stood before her was perfection in the flesh! Dark brown eyes stared back at her in
what appeared to be amusement. He was taller than her by a few inches. The man had short black
hair cut in a military buzz cut. He wore a silver necklace on his neck with dog tags on it. Besides
that, his chest was naked and covered in hard muscles. He looked like a hero on a romance novel
cover. Cargo pants covered his legs, and for a second—okay, maybe longer than that—she
wished she could see him completely naked.
“Why were you hitting me?”
Yeah, why? Suddenly, she couldn’t feel the pain in her foot anymore, until she glanced
down and noticed the smears of blood on her light grey carpet. “You hurt my foot,” she whined.
“So. You’re a witch. Can’t you just heal it?”
She glanced back up at him, her jaw going slack. “How did you know?” This dimwitted toy
was smarter than she would have thought. But how could that be? He was just a toy. Those
didn’t come packed with hearts and brains.
“I was a human once,” he started to explain, “until one of my soldiers crossed a witch and
she turned us all into toys.”


 Aponi James knew he was watching her. She could feel his gaze on her as she danced by the
light of the moon in her backyard wearing only a lavender veil. She faced what she knew to be
his bedroom. The veil was see-thru in the full moon light, showing every one of her curves. It
was time for him to get home from his job, and his routine was to go to his bedroom, sit on the
deck with a cigar, and drink his beer. Devlin Connor was the man she wanted and the man she
planned to have. She swayed her hips seductively, causing the thin netting to brush against her
hardened nipples. She ran her hands along her sides with every movement, pretending it was his
caress. It was time to move from friends to friends with benefits. Of course, she wanted more
than that even, but baby steps.


Lisette spoke first, “We’d like our fortune told or maybe a two-for deal.” She tugged Danica
toward her. She hadn’t let go of her hand, and Danica was all too aware of their skin-to-skin
contact. She felt her body flush at her friend’s nearness.
“I can read the runes.” Madame Lilith arched a dark brow at them and led them to a table
covered with a silky cloth, a small velvet pouch resting upon it. “Sit.” The woman gestured to the
two chairs across from where she sat.
Danica cast Lisette a questioning glance. Lisette smiled at her sheepishly, excitement
shining in her eyes. Danica felt her own lips curve. What the hell. What was a little hocus-pocus
if it made Lisette happy?
The madam swiftly rolled stones—all brown with symbols on them except for a lone blank
one—onto the cloth and began to murmur, “Holy Goddess, mother of earth, guide my hand as I
cast these runes, guide my mind so I may interpret their meanings.” She frowned and looked at
the women. “What would you like to know? One question each.”


These are just little snippets of each story. You will have to read them to get to the nitty gritty of each story! Who wouldn't want to get into the season and  a little sexy time fun (smiles)!!

Happy Halloween!

Julie Ramsey

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  1. Thank you for hosting us today, Julie. :) Glad you enjoyed our antho.

  2. np...enjoyed all your stories!! please keep Julies Book Review in mind for future reviews.

  3. I love anthologies!!! There is almost always at least one great story and if I'm luck I can usually find a new author to follow at the same time. Will have to check it out!



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