Clinton J Boomer Review The Hole Behind Midnight

The Hole Behind Midnight

Roden Poole, is in hiding. He is dead. At least to the world and with the exception  of one cop. His cop "friend" calls him up and asks him to question a man in custody. He knows everyone thinks he is dead so he is reluctant but the cop is not giving him the option. Roden belongs to a group of people who not only believe in magic, spells, curses, and lost kingdoms but is part of it. In this world he looks average or at least human. But In the hole behind midnight, at the minute of 12:00 am,  you can find  a whole new world of endless monsters, magic, mayhem and power for those who are strong enough to take it. So there are lots of people all searching and scheming for more power. Just like in the normal world, there are good and bad. Roden falls somewhere n the middle, he will screw over someone if it benefits but is loyal to his friends. So he goes to see who his cop friend has. He know it has something to do with magic, it is just before midnight. So when the guy he is interrogating starts to spill what he saw, all hell breaks lose in the form of a killer zombie clown (shudder). The clown busts through the door, stabs the guy being interrogating several times and walks away. Roden, shocked and knows he is in deep crap, follows the clown. Roden knows when the cops see their suspect, they are going to assume he did it. I mean who is going to believe a zombie clown?  So now he has to find out,  why was he just framed for a murder? Follow Roden though a strange new world with endless possibilities.

This is a paranormal murder mystery. You find a world of magic and monsters and some strange characters. If you want a non-stop action book, this is one for you. My only real complaint is I wish I had kept a notebook at my side. It has a lot of twists and turns and rules to a world that is totally strange. But the characters are different, like a killer zombie clown (my new worst fear!lol), goat boys, people who can walk through walls. Roden is a guy who has been out for himself but realises the value of friendship in a world of chaos! Good read but not an easy one, and action packed!


  1. This sounds like it's based in fantasy role-playing games. The creepy thing (and the exciting thing) about these scenarios is that you never know what powers another person has. Fortunately, the zombies, pirates, and rangers are dependably good or evil.

  2. Sounds like a good read. I would think it sounds good interesting, and freaky scary.



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