Lia Davis Review

Forgotten Visions

In a world were magic exists and is known. The magickin (people of magic descent) live in there own communities and stay to themselves because although magic is known, they are still feared. Kalissia and her twin are what they call Divinities. They are decent from a magically line and have more powers and are meant to help protect the other magickin. When the twins parents, who are also divinities, die under mysterious circumstances, the girls start there own investigation. The investigation separates the twins and Klassia gets thrown into danger. Ayden, gets sent to pick up Klassia. She is the last one he wants to see. They dated as teens and she broke his heart. As magickin, they know who their  magic mate is and he knew Klassia was the one for him. After a great summer visit as teens, he calls her only to find she is with someone else. They haven't talked in years. Now as adults and thrown in  dangerous circumstances, they face each other. He wants to hate her but can't and doesn't understand her response. Klassia knows Ayden as a cousin of a friend and thinks he is very handsome but has no idea why he is giving her the cold shoulder.  As the two learn more and more about each other, Ayden learns a spell has been cast on Klassia, to make her forget him. He is bound and determined to either get her to remember or to have her fall in love with him again. Together with other magickin friends, they slowly unravel a mystery that surprises them all. Will Ayden and Klassia get back to were they need to be and will the group be enough to beat back the evil pursuing them all?

This was a very interesting story. I loved the story between  Klassia and Ayden. You feel Ayden's heartache and the confusion in Klassia. The mystery evolves to were the series can continue for the battle of good and evil. The only thing thing I didn't like was I felt like I was exposed to too many characters all at once. I wish the story was more of what was going on between Klassia and Ayden. The mystery that I will not give away, will keep you going and is worth fighting for. Klassia really doesn't show her strengths until the end but she shows she can kick ass like the rest. Ayden is one of those characters you want to meant in person, loves to a fault and treats Klassia like a princess and is gorgeous (perfect hero)! Overall I enjoyed the book. I did fall in love with a few of the characters  and look forward to seeing what happens to them.

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