Lorraine Nelson interview part 2

 Please Welcome back Lorraine Nelson to Julie’s Book Review. Reviews from Lorraine will be posted on the blog this week.  Lorraine Nelson is giving away a free e-book to one lucky winner, any one book of the winner's choice from Lorraine's books. You must follow the Blog to win! Come and let’s meet Lorraine!

Of your published books out, is there a  favorite? Favorite scene? Favorite Character?
Would you want to meet that character in real life?

Favorite Characters: 
I fall a little in love with all my heroes as I’m writing, so it’s difficult to pick a favorite. I think maybe Teddy in Her Unlikely Bodyguard. And for a heroine, I’d pick Sam from Covert Mission: Undercover Cop. She’s feisty and independent, despite a handicap.

Who would you want to meet in real life?
I’d love to meet any one of them if I found an equivalent in real life.

What would that character say to your readers?

Why, they’d tell readers how great I portrayed them in my writing, of course. ;)

LOL, Of Course!

Do you have any new books coming out soon?

Cauldron of Tales is a collection of witch tales (combo of sweet and spicy) written by myself and some awesome author friends. We’re self-publishing this anthology with a scheduled release date of October 1st. Click here to like us and for more info: http://www.facebook.com/CauldronOfTalesAnthology?ref=ts

Bad Boy Blake, a contemporary romantic suspense, is releasing through Evernight in October, no affirmed date yet.

Can you tell us anything about any current projects?

Thunder Creek Ranch series with Evernight…Cameron’s Quest is in the works and I’ve already had requests for Michael’s story. J As long as there are readers interested in my work, I’ll keep writing.
I’ve had requests from Harlequin Intrigue and Harlequin American. Been busy getting those ready to mail. J

Do you have anything specific you would like to tell or share with your future readers and followers?

Follow your heart toward your goals and dreams and you can’t go wrong, whether it be in your personal or professional life. 

Where can everyone find your books?

My books are listed on my website. You’ll find blurbs, excerpts, reviews, and purchase links there. http://lorrainenelson.weebly.com

What social media sites are you on besides Julie’ Book Review?



Lets do something fun!


E-reader or paperback


Chocolate or Vanilla or Peanut Butter


Hamburger or Hot Dog Or Pizza


Reading fiction or non fiction


Favorite book of all time

Toss up between Gone with the Wind and The Proud Breed

Favorite author of all time

Danielle Steel

Dogs  or cats


Tea or Coffee


Favorite color


Tall Dark and Handsome or Blonde Buff and cute?

Tall, Dark, and Handsome!

Lorraine Nelson is giving away one of her books, winners choice of which. To win, check out the rafflcopter, you can have several entries a day!  Good luck! Winner’s name will be drawn in two week’s time.

Thanks, Lorraine, and it has been a pleasure talking with you! We hope you have great success in the future.

Julie Ramsey

Thank you so much for having me, Julie, and for the best wishes.


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