J.L. Oiler

Glimpse Of Midnight

Imagine a world full of monsters. A world run by a Vampire and a Succubi. The king has kept their world hidden from the people above and he plans to keep it that way. Their daughter Carina, lethal like a Vampire with the desires of the Succubi, has been exploring her world and looking for someone to help with those desires. Evan and Eric human twins, have been exploring areas of there city that have been off limits for years. Always looking and getting into trouble, getting into and out of jail because of it.This time out of jail and going to explore a area they had heard of via a stripper. The area is a secret city that no ones knows about....or is suppose to know anyway. As Eric and Evan go further and further into the tunnels under the city, they discover more than even they have ever thought they would find. Carina coming home from a excursion and a romp with some werewolves, learns 2 human men have wondered into her underground world. She knows that her father will put the men to death. When her father is busy with her mother she is left to seal their fate. As she see them her Succubi desires awaken and she wants them for herself. As Carina takes care of monsters that would try to go against her, the men see her true strength. Eric and Even know what she wants from them but can they truly satisfy want so many others could not? And if they can what will Carina do to keep them safe from her father and her underground world?

Action packed and non-stop. Even though this was a short story, it was a great start to a series. The world J.L. Oiler created is outstanding. The book starts with a very good intro to this new world and you learn how they are created and a little about some of the main characters. You learn the monsters are mingling and new being are being born like a Vampire Succubi. The story itself is about Carina wanting just a romp or lusting after these 2 humans and actually developing feeling for the men. She is learning that while lust is nice, Love is so much better. Excellent start to a series. Looking forward to the next book! Lots of adult content!!

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  1. Glimpses of Midnight Volume 1: Indulgence

    This book starts out with a group of vampires lead by Daemon Bellefleur on a boat relocating to an undiscovered land to make a home for their own kind to live. Sitting below deck with his dead mother is Daemon's son Cyrus. Cyrus vowed one day he would kill Daemon for what he did to his mother & that his own family would live a happy vampire life.

    Fast forward 100 years..it's the beginning of the end for Daemon. Cyrus is finally ready for the revenge he warned about. He now has a family of his own & plans to take over the kingdom. But Cyrus daughter is bored & doing everything she can to make her father angry. Then 2 humans stumble upon their vampire town. Cyrus' daughter saves them from certain death knowing she will be punished by her father, but she wants them for herself. How far will she go to keep them? Read the book to find out..

    This book has enough adventure & excitement to make you want to keep reading to see what happens & several sex scenes that scorch the pages..I couldn't put it down.

    I give this book 4 1/2 stars

    Jennifer Wadkins


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