Carrie Ann Ryan

Enforcer's Redemption

Bay Milton is on the run. She is being followed, by who she is not sure but she knows that she can't stop running. With her mom dead, now 8 months pregnant and being a werewolf, she is terrified of something and running to the only place she thinks that might be safe, the Red Wood Wolf Pack. She knows they are the strongest in the US and may be the only people who can help her. But will the father of her child welcome her or shun her and drive her away. Adam being a werewolf and losing his family years ago, has been grieving. Seeing his brothers find there life mates and starting families of there own, has been torture. 8 months ago he couldn't take it any more. So driving hundreds of miles away, he finds a bar. One that caters to the paranormal community. The waitress brings him his drink. As his inhibitions go and his grief seems less and less, his wolf senses a potential mate in the waitress. After a night neither could have imagined. Adam's grief comes back with a heavy dose of guilt on top. Adam, ignoring his inner wolf, leaves the woman named Bay and goes back home. Bay thinking she is the happiest she can be and has found her mate, wakes to find Adam leaving her. So as Bay arrives in the Red Wood Pack's home, Adam has to now deal with Bay, a baby on the way, and the past comes roaring back!

Carrie Ann Ryan does it again with book 4 of the Red Wood Pack. We have known Adam for a while and have seen him grieving. Now with his past haunting him and a possible future arriving at his door. Adam needs to decide if it is a future he can do and be the man we all want him to be. I will warn you, if you follow the series, it was a tear jerker for me. I cried for Adam's lost family and for Bay and her future she so desperately wants. I even cussed Adam out a time or two. So we get a better look into the Jamenson family, which I loved. I am really looking forward to #5. Thanks Carrie for making me cry but also making me fall even more in love with this family!


  1. Thanks for the great review, can't wait to get started on it :)

  2. Oh yeah baby!!! Just gotta run some errands and I can start reading. Can't wait!



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