Christine Feehan

Dark Storm

Mitro a Carpathian, strong in his abilities and has found his lifemate. Instead of choosing to live happily with his lifemate, he decides that he is too powerful and he should be worshipped. Mitro tries to kill his lifemate but the bond does not allow him to. Mitro, turned vampire and is now hunted by Dax. A warrior, who has the ability to sense the darkness in a Carpathian males way before they turn. He has known Mitro had a dark streak in him but Dax assumed Mitro would be OK with his lifemate. So the chase begins. With Mitro's lifemate, Dax tracks Mitro to south America. Where he has a entire population living in fear and sacrificing there women and children and Mitro is killing off their strongest warriors. Mitro's lifemate has the ability to control the Earth (heal, grow,trap). Mitro fights back but in the end ends up trapped in a volcano with Dax. Mitro's lifemate traps him there. Now 500 or so years later. Mitro's lifemate's decedents are growing weaker and have been preforming a spell, handed down from generation to generation, to keep the volcano quiet and Mitro contained. Dax knows the spells are getting weaker and is still tracking and trying to kill Mitro. But over the years the two Carpathians have been changed, evolved! Riley and her mom are traveling to South American (Peru), to a mountain. There is a spell that has been handed down generation after generation. Even though her dad's passing was hard and only weeks ago, Riley's mom insists they travel to the mountain. Riley's mom knows who is kept there and what is at stake. But with the spell getting weaker, the vampire Mitro throws all his powers into making animals or people into creatures at his disposal to try to stop the two women. When Riley receives the powers of her mother and learns why the spell has to be done, it is a race to stop a volcanic eruption and Mitro resurfacing once more.

I have been a huge fan of Christine Feehan. I have read everyone of the dark series. I have had my favorites and ones that where just OK. There were parts of this book I really LOVED and parts I thought were done with not enough detail. We have a world created by Ms Feehan. A world that is very detailed. You know where families are and come from. A entire language, with lullaby's and healing chants. Why have I never heard of a Mitro or Dax? Mitro's lifemate was alive when they were entombed in the volcano. Why did she not tell the king or prince so they could have a warrior guarding the volcano and or people to do the spell on time to keep him trapped. Some things just did not add up. I did LOVE DAX. I loved that fact he had a sense of humor. He was not the typical Carpathian. Riley was a good female character. Strong and brave even though she didn't see herself as such With Gary and other Carpathian friends present it could have been so much better. So over all it was a OK book, just wished I knew more about where these characters come from. Ms Feehan, you have us spoiled with back story.


  1. I got thrown when the real-world geographic term "Carpathian" was used. I immediately started thinking of the Carpathian Mountains in Transylvania (the real place). This left me wondering who was real, who was based on Romanian or Roma legend, and who was invented. Does the author ever make these details clear?

  2. Book 1 is Dark Prince....which is one of my fav's! She gets extremlly detailed. More with families and where they are from. She has a a lot devoloped for these stories. Her daughter and son travel to the Carpathian mountains for research. It is a really good series just read them in order to get the full pic. they can be stand alone books but there is a bigger story that you might not get otherwise.

  3. I think for a series as good as and as large as the Carpathian stories are, new characters need to be introduced. Although I totally agree that there are many unanswered questions in this book, I loved the characters and the story. I think this may be a launching story with many other books to follow where we will continue to learn more about the Carpathian race. At least I hope so, I don't know what I would do if Christine did not continue this series. *grins*

  4. I agree with the new characters....and I liked the ones in the story but when you have built up so much back story, as 23 some odd books, there needs to be a hint of where they came from. If none from previous books then one in the story. The one Del A Cruz brother there, never really questioned it either. I am hoping in the next one she elaborates a little, due to I know that is a complaint in a lot of reviews. It is why I could only give it 3 stars. Doesn't mean I won't read the next one. I have read all of the dark series and there are a few I liked better and worse than most. Still like the series, just a little disappointed.


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