Nalini Singh

Psy-changeling series

In this world there are 3 races co-existing. Human, Psy and the changelings. The changeling's are exactly that animal human shifters. All different animals, with different clans and alliance's all there own. They are the builders and the muscle of the planet. Humans are the main work force and not under anyone. each race is independent and for the most part co-existing. The Psy are people who have developed a psychic ability to the extreme. tellaportation, seeing the future, telekinesis, and so on. The psy think the are superior and secretly want to take over control of the planet. Also they have breed and taught out emotion. The teach there children from birth to have none. It is a weakness the humans and changeling's embrace.  So each story is a combination of one or more of the different races.The stories are fast pasted and action packed. There is a love story in each and they continue with each story. So read in order if possible. book 1 is Slave to sensation.  These are some of my FAVORITE books!

Angel series
 In this world Angels watch over different parts of the world.  the Arch Angels are the highest. They
 create vampires from humans. The human get to live forever but have to spend the 1st 100 yrs in
 servitude to the angel who made him/her. All angels are not good. If you are a servant to a angel who is
 not so good 100yrs is a LONG time.  So they tend to run away. The guild is a group of humans
 with affinity for finding vampires. Angels hire the guild to return there property.  That is how the main
 characters find one another. An Arch angel needs help finding a particular vampire and needs help.
  The world is in the fate of if this human, can she help this arch angel?  Tons of action and a pretty good
  love story.


  1. Tangle of Need! Book 11 in the Psy-changling series

    Getting back into the series was easy. Nalini makes reading her books like visiting old friends. In the last book Sienna and Hawk finally get together. We continue in this story seeing there mating celabration and get to watch their love grow even deeper. The new couple or pair, Riaz and Adria. Adria has just divorced her husband. Riaz has met his possible mate, only to discover that she is married to another. So both head to the den to be with pack and heal broken hearts. We also get a glimpse into Riley and Mercy's life. Along with visiting with the changlings, we learn that things are happening in the Psy-net that may change things world wide. Sienna, now that she has used her cold fire (seen in the last book), she has become a target for their enemies. Nalini does it again. With a bunch of new characters introduced and old ones revisited, we have a awesome action packed love story. The only problem I had with the story was I can't wait till the next one!

  2. If anything, I just wish I could get more of her stuff!!! She is so good at what she does, and I can't get enough! I actually started with the Angel series and loved it instantly, but totally admit that I far and away love the Psy-Changling series as one of my all time favorite series of all series.


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