Two Peas In A Separated Pod

Written by Jeannie Lachman & Carole Sanguedolce

Two Peas in a Separated Pod is a true story.  It is an uplifting story of adoption.  It has tears of sadness and tears of joy.   

This story is about Jeannie and Carole, both writing about their lives.   Jeannie was given up for adoption at birth.   She grows up always knowing she was adopted and loves her adoptive parents but something is missing and she needs to know more about her birthparents.  This story is also about Carole, Jeannie’s birth sister.  Carole tells her story of growing up an only child in a small rural town in Canada. Their lives are parallel in so many ways yet they are living in separate countries.

The book is written with each girl’s version of events.  The beginning takes place separately, Jeannie in the Bronx, New York and Carole in Cobalt, Ontario, Canada.  They live their separate lives unaware of each other. 

Jeannie tells of her search for her birth mother, which becomes an emotional roller coaster. She wonders if she is doing the right thing by disrupting other people’s lives for her need to know where she came from.   After seven years of searching, she finds out who her birthmother is.  She calls her birthmother who denies her at first.  Questions run Jeannie’s though mind.  Does she have the wrong person?  Does this woman want her in her life?  

Carole finds out about Jeannie while she is pregnant with her first child.  She is shocked to find out the news and feels a little betrayed knowing that her mother has kept this secret all of these years.  When Carole asks questions about the circumstances and who the birthfather is, her mother shuts down and refuses to talk about it.  

Jeannie and Carole proceed to embark on a journey to develop a relationship.  Carole opens her home for the reunion of Jeannie and her birthmother.  Carole’s worries are quickly put at ease when she sees how genuine and gentle Jeannie is with her mother. 

Jeannie still tries to find out from her birthmother who her birthfather is but she is unwilling to tell her.  Even on hear deathbed her birthmother will not reveal who he is.

The story tells of emotional feelings of betrayal because of family secrets.   Those closest to her birthmother know the truth but are not willing to share the information.  While visiting her mom in the hospital Carole stumbles on a key clue.  It is as if fate has played a role.  With this discovery Carole must choose to keep the secret that has been hidden for so many years or reveal the truth to Jeannie.  She decides to tell Jeannie the truth.  Carole will deal with her own feelings of betrayal and guilt as she lies to her family about how Jeannie learns who her birth father is.   

Elated that she now knows whoher father is, Jeannie wonders how to go about making contact.   Should she disrupt another family’s life for her own curiosity?   Will they be as accepting as her birthmother and Carole were? She calls and her father he and his wife want to meet her. She goes to Canada to meet them.  Her birthfather and his wife welcome her.   When Jeannie returns to New York her brother contacts her and want her to take a DNA test.  She complies.

There are many ups and downs of this tale.   It’s a heartwarming story that so many people can relate to.  Adoption is meant to help the woman giving birth and the family desperately wanting a baby.  There is so much more to it than that.  

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